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Doing Something PRODUCTIVE. Not Just Something.

Doing Something PRODUCTIVE.

Doing Something PRODUCTIVE. How does that apply to HSPs and Empaths?

Doing Something PRODUCTIVE. Something productive about being a Highly Sensitive Person, that is. Or an HSP who is also an empath.

Quite different from doing “something, anything” to help yourself! Although many people don’t make that distinction, do they?

Instead, if it’s popular, and it seems to make sense, and especially it keeps you busy — supposedly that’s all you need to gain personal growth. Or even spiritual awakening. Mainstream ideas carry their own momentum, don’t they?

Empath SOCIAL Skills or CONSCIOUSNESS Skills

Empath SOCIAL Skills or CONSCIOUSNESS Skills

Empath SOCIAL Skills Versus CONSCIOUSNESS Skills? Your heart knows the difference.

Empath SOCIAL Skills or CONSCIOUSNESS Skills? Currently I’m preparing my first workshop on RES Sensitivity Skills. These depend largely on consciousness skills for Highly Sensitive Persons (HSPs). Just like the skills I’ve developed previously to empower empaths.

So, in a series of posts starting today, here’s my goal — to share with you some of a distinction that is largely absent today, both for helping empaths and for helping HSPs:

What is the difference between seeking personal growth through social skills…

Versus gaining personal growth through skills based in how you use your consciousness?

Brand new books for empaths, newly published editions

Rose Rosetree, a blur of motion while capturing for you the very latest discoveries in Enlightenment Coaching

Rose Rosetree, a blur of motion while capturing for you the very latest discoveries in Enlightenment Coaching

Big news today for empaths!  All three of my new books for empaths are finally available in some form or other. As of today. Just today.

The system of Empath Empowerment® can help you enormously. This is a unique method — systematically taught and internationally tested.

Ever since writing the first book for empaths in English, I have worked to refine what Empath Coaching could be. Please consider that I did this to help YOU, because I’m here to help you to benefit from all that experience.

Let Me Help You Buy the Right Empath Book for You

10 Best Empath Articles

Top 10 and top ten

This collection of articles can help you at any level of skill as an empath.

  1. Whether you just recently heard the word “empath.” And you’re still not sure what that even means.
  2. Or you’re pretty sure that you’re an empath, but don’t know which kind.
  3. Perhaps you have read a lot online concerning empathic talent. But it’s confusing. (Personally, I wouldn’t blame you there. Anybody can post online. Including people who don’t know as much as they claim.)
  4. It’s even possible that you’ve been following advice for empaths but the results aren’t good.
  5. These articles have been selected to inform you. And also to remove common confusions, since many people consider themselves “expert advisers” to empaths. Sadly, spreading misinformation!
  6. You might even be a student of the way that I like to help empaths, Empath Empowerment® and you’re a bit overwhelmed.
  7. Or you’ve taken my Free Intro in the online workshop series I offer to help empaths. And now you’re ready for more but… again my empath resources offer so many options… all the way up to becoming a Master Empath.

Aiming for Clarity

You’re cordially invited to relax. Check out this list of articles. And click on whatever appeals to you.

If you have any questions of general interest, feel free to comment here. Or at the article where you’ve got questions.

I look forward to being of service to you.

10 Best Empath Articles #1Empath? Quiz yourself

10 Best Empath Articles #2:


10 Best Empath Articles #3:

Unskilled Empath Problems? A Quiz

10 Best Empath Articles #4:

What is the point of being an empath? Part One

10 Best Empath Articles #5: Continuing with how it’s so very worthwhile to be born an empath… Skilled empaths can do something quite amazing with consciousness. I like to call it “Skilled Empath Merge.” Read about it here.

Aura Photos of Skilled Empath Merges

10 Best Empath Articles #6: Have other people told you that you’re an empath? Just how responsible was that?

Likewise, has anyone been encouraging you to “help” others by telling them they are empaths? Either way, you might want to read this  next article.

Spotting Empaths

10 Best Empath Articles #7: Sure, you can find loads of tips for empaths online. Plus support groups. Altogether a world of free advice. But is that a good use of your time?

Coping Tips and Tricks for an Empath

10 Best Empath Articles #8: Let’s go into more depth now. Expanding upon the ideas in that last article. Ready to get a bit technical?

Caution: Many folks would consider this next article to be highly controversial.

Empath Fixes. Helpful or Not?

10 Best Empath Articles #9:

Empath Skills, Empath Healing, a guest post by Stephanie Thomas

10 Best Empath Articles #10: Here’s a sample of Skilled Empath Merge. Every empath can learn to do this. In this particular article, you learn about someone who’s probably quite different from you.

Christy Smith, Skilled Empath Merge

And What About Empathy?

Maybe you noticed. None of the articles here is about empathy. Seems to me, showing empathy is quite different from being an empath.

Granted, I used to confuse the two. When I published the first book in English for empaths, I didn’t use the word “empath” at all but called it “Empowered by Empathy.”

Since then I have learned a lot. And I hope I can help you a lot. Start with the articles here. Maybe visit this blog from time to time, as we’re always adding new articles and guest posts of interest to empaths. You can even click on the EMPATH category on the column at the right. Just scroll down to CATEGORIES and choose from the options on the dropdown menu.

My advice? Settle for nothing less than full Empath Empowerment. Gain clarity. Then go on to develop real skills. That’s your ticket to a happier life.


Quirky Inspiration for Empaths

Empathic experience without torment -- that's Empath Empowerment(R), agony strictly optional

Empathic experience without torment — that’s Empath Empowerment(R), agony strictly optional

Straight from today’s Washington Post, Outlook Section, come two quirky kinds of inspiration for us empaths.

Because sometimes you don’t appreciate how far you have come in Empath Empowerment until you read such things.

Congratulations if you are a Highly, Highly Sensitive Person

All empaths are HSPs, after all. However, it doesn’t work in the opposite direction. Every Highly Sensitive Person, or HSP, is not necessarily an empath: Just 1 out of 4 HSPS is a Highly, Highly Sensitive Person and, one way or another, possesses lifelong empath circuitry.

Mainstream society in America (and many other lands) still is learning that sensitivity of any kind can be a good thing.

Witness a front-page story in the editorial section of the Sunday paper, describing apologies that are really non-apologies.

Extra-credit points from being an empath


For your eyes only, empaths.

Today’s post, Part Three of this series, might make non-empaths jealous.

Hey, that’s only fair. So much of the online conversation about empaths screams “Victim!”

What is the point of being an empath? Part One


Everyone you know, self included, has chosen brilliantly about the degree of innate sensitivity. You are hard-wired that way.

It’s like being right-handed or left-handed or ambidextrous. Similiarly, you have a place on the Continuum of Human Sensitivity.

Fancy name, that. I don’t think I have mentioned Continuum of Human Sensitivity before. But you’ll see the point if you keep reading. In fact, you may see lots of points….

Empaths, Gain Clarity. Quiz Answers, Part 1.

Empaths, Gain Clarity

Empaths, Gain Clarity. That’s Rose Rosetree’s mission as an empath coach

Empaths, Gain Clarity. As an Empath Coach, I have helped other empaths to become skilled. Let me help you move forward now with more clarity.

Empaths, of course, are not rare science-fictioney people. Empaths number 1 in 20 humans, except for Japan with its special share of 1 in 5.

Therefore the word “Empath” might well describe you.

Molecular Empath Contest, Results CONCLUDED


What huge fun, checking out molecular empaths? Evaluating your contest entries nominating possible molecular empaths, Blog-Buddies, is a responsibility I take seriously. And you’all have outdone yourselves in these Contest Entries — so thoughtful and fascinating.

Okay, let’s continue from our beginning evaluation of the Molecular Empath Contest entries. Which explains why I’m starting here with #5. (No math genius, at least I know enough to not usually commence counting with #5.)

Extra smart? How STUFF can hurt you.


Blog-Buddies DAVE and GRACE got this Smartie thread going. DAVE began by asking, in Comment 10 at this blog post about Tenderness in Relationships, especially for empaths:

I’ve always wondered what you mean by this:

“Being exceptionally intelligent (Gifted and talented people are at least as vulnerable socially as people with really low IQs – something not widely known but definitely true.)”