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Staying Real. A Guest Post from BEV

Staying real -- each of us can find our own strength and live it.

Staying real — each of us can find our own moral strength and live it.

Today’s inspiring guest post offers wisdom on staying real. BEV is carrying forward the theme in our recent discussions, “How to Survive a Trump Presidency, “and also yesterday’s post,London Bus Conductor Effect. Bring It, Millennials! Others, Too.”

Towards the end of BEV’s comments, she quotes Hillary Clinton’s concession speech. So I found the link for us all who would like to hear and see this amazing woman.

Hillary Clinton is not just America’s first female candidate for president. And the winner of the popular vote in the election this week. She is the first presidential candidate in Enlightenment to run for this high office.

Aura Reading Hillary Clinton on YouTube

Rose approaches any political aura reading with a considerable enthusiasm. Pre-debate, she profiles Hillary Clinton.

Before the first presidential debate, Rose does an aura reading of Hillary Clinton.

Yes, today’s the first presidential debate for Election Decision 2016. First of all, I’ll give my first public aura reading of Hillary Clinton as a presidential candidate. Will I also be doing extra political aura readings?

Definitely! I’ve got YouTube readings ready for Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and Tim Kaine. Each “Political Aura Reading iMovie” will be supported by a blog post here. That way you can comment.

Skilled Empath Merge with First Lady Hillary Clinton

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


Can you imagine what it is like to be any random person you happen to pass in the street? Even harder, can you imagine what it is like to be Hillary Clinton?

That courageous? That thoughtful? That powerful? That Householder Enlightenment?

We don’t have to imagine, not when we have energetic literacy. At the time I’m researching her, the former two-term First Lady is about to become a former Secretary of State. During her most recent service, she has visited 112 countries, traveled nearly a million miles, spent 401 days on the road.

Face Reading, comparing Hillary Clinton now and as a new First Lady

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


Hillary Clinton is a hero to me. I’ll admit it. I’m prejudiced in her favor.

Was a big fan all the way through. I’ll admit it. I laughed at faux controversy, back in the day, about her headbands and hairstyles. I have admired the former First Lady through thick and thin.

Now that she is in the news with major popular acclaim, having completed an amazingly successful four years as Secretary of State, I watched her farewell news conference at work and was wowed by Hillary Clinton’s aura.