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Definitely Householder Enlightenment. KATRIINA’S Guest Post.

Definitely Householder Enlightenment

Definitely Householder Enlightenment. In this guest post, KATRIINA shares what helped wake her up to Enlightenment.

Definitely Householder Enlightenment. Yes, Enlightenment for a householder. Rather than a renunciate.

Age of Awakening Enlightenment allows us to live comfortably as the humans we are. And not in the middle, as so many spiritual seekers unwittingly do.

In today’s generous guest post, KATRIINA shares deeply. Giving us an intimate look at her evolving allegiance to life in the world. (Rather than seeking God as somebody who lives apart from the world.)

Enlightenment Inspiration

Enlightenment inspiration

Enlightenment inspiration, even in the time of Trumpism! From Enlightenment Coach Rose Rosetree

Enlightenment inspiration is available always. Even in the time of Trump. Truth is, we are all able to evolve extra fast now. Granted, these times challenge us to show what we’re made of.

Here are five ways to accelerate spiritual awakening and move toward Enlightenment. (Including a link to a just-released YouTube from this Enlightenment Coach.)

The Householder Enlightenment Game. A Guest Post by PENELOPE.

householder enlightenment game

Householder Enlightenment Game — such fun to play with your Almighty Father-Mother God

Of course, stakes are high in choosing to play the Householder Enlightenment Game. Because many of us have spent so many lifetimes seeking the other kind of Enlightenment, playing that thrilling game instead.

Differently beautiful, what used to be the only Enlightenment game in town? The Surrender Model of Enlightenment.

Householder Enlightenment Model — Such A Powerful New Idea

Householder Enlightemment Model, celebrated

Householder Enlightenment Model, celebrated in a guest post by JEM

Householder Enlightenment Model — what a great thing to celebrate! Especially since tomorrow is the four-year anniversary of The Age of Awakening.

Here Blog-Buddy JEM shares a powerful guest post about her reaction to the Householder Enlightenment Model. It’s so different from the sacred and hallowed and traditional model for thousands of years. I call that the “Surrender Model of Enlightenment.”

And it’s really very, very different. Go, JEM!

Discovering The Householder Enlightenment Model

Gee, this is great news, this Householder Enlightenment thing.

By contrast, I’m used to the more traditional form of Enlightenment, the “Surrender Model of Enlightenment.” Where it was aaaalllll about divine bliss and consciousness. This different model really did a number on me energetically.

Aura Reading Colin Firth. A Guest Post by BEN

Colin Firth, in Enlightenment, and ready for his aura reading

Colin Firth, in Enlightenment, and ready for his aura reading

With today’s aura reading of Colin Firth, you can find much to celebrate. The beauty of this Age of Awakening grows, gently, day by day. BRIANNE’s inspiring guest post adds to that.

Previewing, let’s indulge in a bit of ta da! Because BEN’s wonderful aura reading deserves a trumpeting introduction.  How amazing it is to live now? Here’s a quick series of fanfare-like notes:

DORIS Enlightenment Validation. Not Traditional Enlightenment

Doris Enlightenment, Age Awakening

Doris Enlightenment. Learn how her soul chose Age of Awakening Enlightenment, not Traditional Enlightenment

DORIS Enlightenment? Yes! Her soul chooses Age of Awakening Enlightenment. Not Traditional Enlightenment.

Learn more from today’s case history, described with permission. Name changed to protect confidentiality.

Gladys Joins the Enlightenment Life List

Householder Enlightemment Model, celebrated

Gladys joins my Enlightenment Life List

Many of you Blog-Buddies know GLADYS. Did her recent name alignment have something to do with helping her move into Enlightenment?

I’ll let GLADYS tell her own story of how she has moved into Householder Enlightenment. When and if she chooses to share her Enlightenment saga.

The good news is, this part of her life story is now complete.

 More good news? GLADYS After Enlightenment…

How Enlightenment Can, Indirectly, Help a Person Make More Money. A Guest Post by GRACE W.

Learn success secrets from a successful entrepreneur (in Enlightenment)

Learn success secrets from a successful entrepreneur (in Enlightenment)

Golly, the great questions you Blog-Buddies ask in our comments sections! This time we had a conversation going on today related to this gorgeous article, A Guest Post by RES Professional Jessica Gates.

Our discussion worked around to RACHEL requesting an example of learning for someone who had moved into Householder Enlightenment.

GRACE W. replied, “I’ll chime in and say that, yes, in my experience, learning has become easier with less STUFF.  What’s been great fun is the quickening of creating. Meaning that the speed between my choice to create something in particular in my life and the manifestation of it, in certain cases, has been amazing. That is really fun. ?

Of course, RACHEL’s curiosity was piqued. She politely requested that GRACE W. share more about this topic, if possible.


At a Historic Time, Here Are My Dreams for RES

Empath Yayoi Sprague with Rose Rosetree at the Pathways Expo, April 3, 2016

Empath Yayoi Sprague with Rose Rosetree at the Pathways Expo, April 3, 2016

New knowledge and skills are always progressing in this field of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES). Yet we have just moved forward with a giant step, given the recent exploration of consciousness development beyond regular Householder Enlightenment.

Why Would Teachers of Enlightenment Not Necessarily BE Living in Enlightenment?

In your beautiful enthusiasm for personal development, it's still smart to develop consumer skills.

In your beautiful enthusiasm for personal development, it’s still smart to develop consumer skills.

A plaintive series of comments came to my blog today from GAYANEE, who had proposed her beloved guru for my Enlightenment Life List. And then, in Comment 1973, I supplied the results of my aura reading research for discerning Enlightenment:

“Obviously he is a beloved teacher to you, GAYANEE. However I do not find him ready for my Enlightenment Life List, not at the time of this photograph.”

GAYANEE responded very mildly and graciously, I thought, with these words:

“As a student it is a bit of a mind twister for me that how some long standing and deeply loved teachers that claim to be enlightened and teaching enlightenment don’t make Rose’s list.