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Is Ignorance an Illusion? How about STUFF in Auras?

There are so many ways to stretch as youre waking up.

There are so many ways to stretch as you’re waking up.

Let’s play a game of “Twister” with our minds today — those of us who are in the mood for some Enlightenment coaching.

Today, at his blog “Observations on the Way Home,” our Blog-Buddy David Buckland published a short but pithy post about “Ignorance.”

You can read this in all its glory by clicking on that link just provided. My version goes, “From a spiritual perspective, ignorance does not exist. Hunting it down will not help. Just bring in the light.”

Enlightenment Through Understanding Truths of Consciousness

I got such a kick out of DAVID B.’s article because it highlights for me the difference between a consciousness perspective for those seeking Enlightenment and the human-based perspective of this Enlightenment coach.

Rounding in the Age of Awakening. Lessons from My Garden

Rose Rosetree in her perfectly beautiful garden

Rose Rosetree in her perfectly beautiful garden

Finally my garden looks perfect, no weeding required.

Every inch of the garden twinkles, aglow with a pristine white perfection. Because a fresh snowfall brings many blessings, and that is one.

Yet a certain garden-area chore still needs to be done. Blog-Buddies, unless you’re living on Mars, I’ll bet that you know what it is.

Shoveling snow? We’re ready.

Armed with sturdy shovels, my husband Mitch and I take turns. We’re scooping out a path from the house to the street. One small strip to begin, with more clearing to come in the hours and days to follow.

According to the weather forecast, however much show has already landed and stuck — at least that much more will come. Shoveling is to become a way of life for us, lasting a couple of days, at least.

“Words cannot describe the joy of this shoveling experience.”

What? I’m a writer. 😉

Announcing Two Big Blog Themes for This Year, and Also Our Latest Contest Winner

Announcing our latest contest winner

Announcing our latest contest winner

Remember this? A Contest to Celebrate 27,000+ Comments at the Blog

The winner has been selected, LORI RUBENSTEIN. Together we have set a date for her to claim her prize, receiving a personal session of Thrill Your Soul Aura Research. This will be recorded for all to hear and enjoy.

Announcing this, I also have an opportunity to share with all of you one of the themes that you’ll be reading about here at the blog in 2016: Moving forward with using deeper perception in practical ways that work best (seems to me) in this Age of Awakening.

Is This Idea New to You?

In Enlightenment… The Amusement Park

Rose Rosetree, "Coming Home" from the Orlando airport.

Rose Rosetree, “Coming Home” from the Orlando airport.

For my little family (husband Mitch, son Matt, and me) amusement parks have often been an official source of amusement. In 2011 we headed to Universal Orlando in search of the newish “Wizarding World of Harry Potter,” with a re-creation of the castle at Hogwarts.

Such fun! Towards the end of last year I heard about an addition to the park, complete with a magical trainride to Diagon Alley and a fire-breathing dragon that belches out fire regularly at 10-minute intervals.

All it took was one mention of my interest to Mitch and he planned a trip. I’m starting this blog post at the Orlando airport, waiting to return to Virginia and suffused with the special satisfaction of a short vacation beautifully planned, joyfully executed, and even punctuated by briskly-falling rain (just as we were leaving).

More about this trip was different for me than the new attractions: Having crossed the threshold into Enlightenment. Several points of comparison have occurred to me, and I thought you Blog-Buddies might find it interesting to read a bit about that… as “Enlightenment at the Amusement Park” has hardly been celebrated in traditional writings about consciousness. 

Warning, Iambic Pentameter Alert

Some of the best gifts take a long time to open.

Some of the best gifts take a long time to open.

Blog-Buddies, usually I wouldn’t do this to you regular readers. But today I came across a Christmas poem from ages ago, before I started blogging. This one was written about a zillion years ago, a.k.a. 2004.

Yet I’m going to make it live here, yes a second poem from me this year. (Still awaiting ones from the rest of you. And thanks for private emails appreciating my official Christmas Poem for this year, already posted.)

Around here, as with you perhaps, it’s a decorating, card-sending, winter-without-snow wonderland. Mostly I’m doing a lot of planning, dreaming, and hoping about the new year.

What I Have Learned Lately as an Enlightenment Coach

Together all of us are bringing truth into this world.

Together all of us are bringing truth into this world.

Gee, we’re  so close to year’s end that I almost named this blog post “What I Learned in 2015 as an Enlightenment Coach.” But there’s plenty more learning left, no doubt. Witness the surge of joy I feel about adding today’s article.

For fun, I’ll use a Q&A format. (BTW, for background you might wish to read the guest post and spirited comments here inspiring today’s post, JEFFREY’s wonderful guest post about God in Disguise)

(Unfortunately Jeffrey Chappell is no longer on my Enlightenment Life List, but he was at the time of this blog post.)

Isn’t There Really Just One Kind of Enlightenment?

Only if you prefer an answer without nuance.

Which could be a beautiful reason, because why mess with perfection?

One example might be… if your joy and delight make it seem as though there couldn’t possibly be any other kind.

God in Disguise. A Guest Post with the Simplicity Model of Enlightenment by JEFFREY CHAPPELL

Jeffrey Chappell, with Enlightenment dancing in his auric modeling

Jeffrey Chappell, with Enlightenment dancing in his auric modeling

Thanks to my friend JEFFREY CHAPPELL for sharing this article here.

(Unfortunately Jeffrey Chappell is no longer on my Enlightenment Life List, but he was at the time of this blog post.)

As I continue my journey as an Enlightenment Coach in the Age of Awakening, as some of you know, I make a distinction between a Householder Model of Enlightenment and a Simplicity Model of Enlightenment (also sometimes called a Renunciate Model of Enlightenment).

  • In the Simplicity Model of Enlightenment, consciousness is what matters most. Hence the suitability for a Renunciate  Lifestyle. Even if a householder lives this way, emphasizing consciousness, this is the traditional model of Enlightenment. And, to many, it is the only model that matters.
  • By contrast, in Householder Enlightenment, the human life matters most. With the sacred and stable Divine connection always available, yet it is usually kept in the background. More like the saying, “God is in the details.”
  • As millions of people move into Enlightenment in this Age of Awakening, it is time for a model of Enlightenment that speaks to our new role in this upgraded planet. Recognizing that is part of my unfolding work as an Enlightenment Coach.

Why I Seek Householder Enlightenment, Not Renunciation. A Guest Post by JESS

Doing laundry as part of his path to Householder Enlightenment

Doing laundry as part of his path to Householder Enlightenment

Get ready for a riveting guest post, if you care about finding a spiritual path that works for you.

Some context first: Sex scandals of spiritual gurus was discussed here at the blog in a series of articles, back in 2013, within the first year of The Age of Awakening.

Since then collective consciousness has definitely been awakening, and that includes further unfolding within the system of RES (Rosetree Energy Spirituality).

Many articles at this blog have documented how many Blog-Buddies here have moved into Enlightenment. I have been using the term “Householder Enlightenment” to describe this breakthrough, which is so very Age of Awakening compared to ages past, when seekers of Enlightenment would live as renunciates: Monks, nuns, priests, recluses.

You can now find a wealth of information here about a path tht helps for pursuing Householder Enlightenment, Human-Based Spirituality.

Enlightenment Dishwashing Discovery

Enlightenment Dishwashing Discovery

Enlightenment Dishwashing Discovery. When JEAN crossed the threshold into Enlightenment.

Enlightenment Dishwashing Discovery. In today’s guest post, Blog-Buddy JEAN describes how she moved into Age of Awakening Enlightenment.

Yes, Blog-Buddy  JEAN is the latest member of the RES community to move into Enlightenment.

One of the sweetest things I have learned about Enlightenment is that each person has a story. Graciously Jean shares here.

Welcome, JEAN, to Enlightenment

Householder Enlightenment dawns for JEAN

Householder Enlightenment dawns for JEAN

Yesterday JEAN and I were having one of our phone sessions. This wonderful client has had sessions with me, off and on, since 2011.

  • Sessions of RES Energy HEALING.
  • Sessions of RES Energy READING.
  • Also, on her path of personal development, JEAN has chosen to learn the skills of Empath Empowerment®. For years she has lived as a very skilled empath.

Over the years JEAN has been blossoming into her human life. Actually, for more than a year, I have wondered when she was going to move into Enlightenment. Would it be today?

On October 27, 2015, soon as I did the session’s early-on Skilled Empath Merge, I laughed in delight.

Because something was up. Someone was up. Up into a higher state of consciousness.

I had that special feeling… that today was the day to make JEAN’s shift in consciousness official.