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House Representative Gabrielle Giffords, a Comparison Skilled Empath Merge for Contest Winner TERI

Aura reading of Rep. Gabby Giffords

Aura reading of House Rep. Gabby Giffords

Blog-Buddy TERI won a recent contest. Whom was she going to choose for me to profile with energetic literacy? TERI emailed:

“This was a difficult decision for me….

“I chose Michelle Obama. Then, voila! There she was in your newsletter. I chose someone else but decided that an unknown person from Egypt wouldn’t encourage readership at your blog. I settled on Gabrielle Giffords because she has been through so much personally and professionally and she should be well known to your readership. Thank you so much for the opportunity!”

And thanks back to you, TERI. You politically aware American readers may know that Rep.  Giffords was an up-and-coming member of the national House of Representatives when she was shot, along with 18 others, during an attack by a 22-year-old man with severe mental health problems who was sentenced to life in prison without parole.  Six of those people  died.

Giffords was shot in the head, critically wounded. She had to work hard to regain her ability to talk, walk and handle other everyday activities. It has been a struggle to do these even haltingly and with obvious great difficulty.