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Cut Cords of Attachment to PLACES

Cut Cords of Attachment to Places. Could this kind of cord be holding you back?

Have you ever wondered whether you might have some of these cords to remove?

What’s your gut feeling?

What You May Not Have Known about My Workshops on How to Cut Cords of Attachment


Why take the upcoming Level 1 Workshop to Cut Cords of Attachment?

Why take the upcoming Level 1 Workshop to Cut Cords of Attachment? This double rainbow is your clue.

Getting in just under the wire, tomorrow night at midnight — Friday, July 10, 2015 — is the final deadline for taking this year’s workshop on Cut Cords of Attachment, Level 1.

A description has been updated about what, exactly, you will learn plus some very specific reasons to take the workshop.

So why today’s post?

Because the best reason of all to attend might be that you become eligible to take Cut Cords of Attachment, Level 2. (This will be given October 24-25, 2015.)

Blog-Buddies, bit by bit, I have been updating workshop descriptions at my website. To put it politely, I’m not a big salesperson. I’m a teacher, for sure. Historically the teaching skills have not been accompanied by many skills for promoting my work. Still, I’ve been getting a clue lately.

So today I sat down to revise the official description for what’s in that Level 1 workshop. And it hit me like a ton of… rainbow, walloping me on the side of the head…

There is so much to that Level 2  Workshop for Cutting Cords of Attachment. Knowing you can’t get there without first taking Level 1 (either at the in-person workshop or through personal mentoring with me)… well I had a hunch that some of you might want to know.

On Path or Off Path?


“Melissa” brought up some powerful concepts yesterday in a session. So often I am proud of my clients and students, yet I don’t think I have ever dedicated a blog post to thanking any of them. Let’s start with sharing Melissa’s eloquent words.

“My joy has been blocked lately. That concerns me because usually, no matter what else happens in my life, for part of the day I’ll feel joy.

Why Cut Cords of Attachment to Crazy Moms?

With all you have done to deal with that crazy from your past, why would it still make a big difference to cut that cord of attachment?

Everyone is a little bit crazy. Some of us are more than a little. Cords of attachment are formed regardless of degree of sanity.