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How President Obama Has Evolved, Face Reading Part 1

Aura reading Sarah Palin, presidential candidate

Being the American president now, not easygoing like a flag gently rippling in a welcoming breeze

Today President Obama is delivering a historic speech on Cuban soil. I heard some of it live, will read a transcript later. (Glad I got to hear his excellent accent in Spanish!)

Now I’ll go on to thank him by starting a three-part face reading article about how Barack Obama’s face has changed.

Among the many forms of energetic literacy available to us today, physiognomy is the easiest to master. Alterations to Obama’s aura are also extraordinary, as I described in this blog post: President Obama — How His Aura Has Changed

But for now, just sit back and learn some face reading. See how the form of physiognomy I use, Face Reading Secrets®, can show you truth that is hiding in plain sight. Curious Reader (yes that’s what I’ll be calling you in this article), take a look at these contrasting photos and see what you make of them.

12 Reasons Why Face Reading Matters





Preparing for my Face Reading Intensive next week, I was reminded of some of the ways the 5,000-year-old art of physiognomy offers practical help to people like us, living today.

Whether you’re planning to attend this particular workshop or not, did you realize there could be this delightful dozen of uses, so many different ways of reading faces for character?