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Integrity Tip — Let's Swap

Integrity Tip

Integrity Tip Ideas. Because every day that you live with clear integrity, it’s like putting money in your karmic bank account.

Integrity Tip — this is a kind of money you can give yourself. Indirectly. Because using these integrity tips can help you gain success. Reputation. Honor. Maybe even more money.

In our last blog post, about Improve Integrity, you found Two Tips.  Plus comments that included JULIE’S wonderful #6.

Today let’s take the fun (and profit) further…. 

How I Can, and Can't, Help You Reach Enlightenment

Anita in Householder Enlightenment

Anita has been able to reach Enlightenment

Are you interested in Enlightenment? Today’s post describes how this particular Enlightenment Coach can — and can’t — help you to reach Enlightenment.

So Many Spiritual Seekers Would Love to Reach Enlightenment

A comment today from JNANA included a sentence that really moved me. Two of the candidates she proposed had been successful at making it onto my Enlightenment Life List. From her beautiful mystic’s heart JNANA wrote:

Brian Williams in the News Again? Check out This Face Reading

Face reading of celebrity broadcaster Brian Williams, now in the news again

Face reading of celebrity broadcaster Brian Williams, now in the news again

A timely reminder has come, thanks to Blog-Buddies ELAINE and JANNAH. He’s in the news again. So you might enjoy this face reading of Brian Williams, done April 11, 2013.

Might I recommend? Comment here about this research into him, at the earlier article. Today I’m simply making it easier for you to find the original article, since once again Brian Williams is in the news.

Blog-Buddies, I’m so glad that you are paying attention to the wisdom to be found with Face Reading Secrets®, aiming to show us nuances rather than judgments.

Aura reading detective work about a person's spiritual life

Oooh! Let's be discreet as we research a person's spiritual life through aura reading.

Oooh! Let’s be discreet as we research a person’s spiritual life through aura reading.

Asking a person is easy. At least, some people are all to eager to tell you about their religion and spiritual life.

Asking is a fine way to have a conversation, provided you really wish to hear the answer. 😉

This holiday season I received my annual communication from a distant relative GLADYS. She lives for her church, volunteers generously, and is as sweet as she could be. Nothing but religion really matters for her, far as I know. So she sent a Christmas card to our family, getting our first names right but the last names wrong.

GLADYS’ card arrived a month early, perhaps so she could produce greater impact than any other, lesser, cards we might receive during the actual Christmas season. Enclosed in the envelope was a nicely printed religious tract, going into generous detail.

Yes, some people are all too eager to tell us about their spiritual lives. They may believe they get extra points for missionary work — and who am I to say? Maybe they receive those points, too.

But isn’t Earth School a funny place? What we’re really curious about doesn’t necessarily show on the surface of life at all. “Being a spiritual person” is a great example because the deep truth of the matter does not lie on the surface of self-description.

Integrity Shows


Integrity shows. When you’re human, it shows in your aura.

Integrity stands out, when you’re developing Energetic Literacy. Why would integrity matter so much?

No virtue matters more for success in life.

No quality is easier to improve.

Jason Collins Courage. Empath Merge

Jason Collins

Jason Collins Courage. Humanly and spiritually, I think this athlete deserves some kind of RES trophy.

Jason Collins Courage —  because he lived a lie in public for 12 years. Now he’s come out. You bet that’s courage. I’m here to award him own of the highest honors at my blog.

Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) doesn’t include giving out trophies. But I can honor Jason by giving him here a Skilled Empath Merge.

Collins played for the National Basketball Association. Presumed heterosexual until (last week). When he dared to come out as gay. The first openly gay professional player in one of America’s four major team sports.

Spiritual Awakening for Pope Francis. Guest Post by ELAINE

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


Could a dramatic spiritual awakening be possible for Pope Francis. Today, even before seeing ELAINE’s Guest Post, I read my morning newspaper with great interest. Especially I was riveted to read about new Pope Francis’ homily about integrity.

According to the Washington Post, in his inaugural mass, the new pontiff “hinted Thursday that he might reign with little patience for scandal by preaching integrity to a college of cardinals that has been racked by intrigue.”

Skilled Empath Merge with Francis, the New Pope

Pope Francis, researched with Skilled Empath Merge newly made pope.

Francis, the new pope. I’ll research him with Skilled Empath Merge. Curious? I sure am.

The Catholic Church’s New Pope, Francis — are you curious about him? What’s he like energetically and spiritually? Today I’ll do a Skilled Empath Merge with New Pope Francis.

Such a big deal, when that famous white smoke rises up from the Vatican! It is thrilling, even if you’re not Catholic, to learn about a new pope. This Jesuit, Pope Francis #1,  is only #266 in the lineup of Catholic popes.

I wasn’t going to do any aura reading on him at the blog. At least not until I had finished playing catch-up with our contest winners. Except I just can’t stand the suspense.

All I have read so far about this new pope, this Francis… Golly, it seems fraught with contradictions.

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