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Dependable Aura Reading

Dependable Aura Reading

Dependable Aura Reading. Opposite to the gaudy cliche about rainbow-hued auras.

Dependable Aura Reading. JAMES is an excellent aura reader. So he knows how useful energetic literacy really can be. Quite different from the rainbow-like illustration at the top of this post. Rainbows inviting you to a fantasy.

(To learn more about that, see my Conclusion, after JAMES’s guest post.)

By contrast, JAMES reads auras to give him an advantage in dealing with reality.

Natalie Portman Aura Reading Movie Review

Natalie Portman Aura Reading

Natalie Portman Aura Reading. Does she deserve to win a second Oscar?

Natalie Portman Aura Reading — have you been curious about her performance? Are you wondering, will she win her second Oscar? All the more fun for us, doing today’s aura reading movie review!

Certainly I’ve been wanting to give you that energetic literacy research. Her acclaimed performance is favored by many. Will she win the Oscar this Sunday. Besides, I’ve admired her work for so many years.

Beyond that, Americans of a certain age can remember: Where were you when you learned about Kennedy’s death? Perhaps you can relate, Boomer Blog-Buddies from the U.S.

Aura Reading Donald Trump on YouTube


You may notice a certain glee as I do this aura reading of Donald Trump.

You may notice a certain glee as I do this aura reading of Donald Trump.

Were you surprised by the Republican presidential candidate’s recent performance at the first debate? Does Donald Trump mystify you in general? In advance of the debate, I did an aura reading of Donald Trump. Today I am posting it on YouTube.

Whether Donald is your hero or your nightmare presidential candidate, you may be wondering. What makes him tick? Aura reading does that. Not psychologically and behaviorally but through reading his energies. Energetic literacy is really, really good for that.

Warning: You may be shocked with my findings about the controversial politician. Right from the start! When I research the energetics of Donald Trump’s “Presence in the Room.”

Of course, on that YouTube I’m using the system of Aura Reading Through All  Your Senses®. Not sharing random feelings that I got due to being energy sensitive.

Aura Reading and Energetic Literacy, Top 10 List

Top 10 and top ten

Are you curious about reading auras? Have you tried with limited success? Or are you stuck at your present level of skill with energetic literacy?

Well, aura reading is one of the most practical skills you can learn. Witness over 100 techniques in the beginner’s how-to,  Aura Reading Through All Your Senses.

Don’t expect a blog article — anyone’s blog article — to give you a quick tutorial. The skill is comparable to learning how to drive an automobile. Aura reading is hardly beyond your powers.

Skilled Empath Merge with Liz Taylor Husband #2, Guest Post by Elaine

Best Celebrity Aura Readings



Three cheers for Elaine, who has intrepidly dared to merge with my favorite of Liz Taylor’s husbands (so far, at least). 

All over the Internet, of course, you’ll find photos of the rich and gorgeous. You could make a full-time job of celebrity gossip — and read today’s post as just that. For what it’s worth to you, I don’t crave articles like this one from Skilled Empath Elaine in that spirit of gossip. Nor does Elaine, from what I know of her.

Elizabeth Edwards, Empath Merge from Elaine, a Guest Post

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


Intrepid Elaine is ready to explore the late Elizabeth Edwards. Excellent!

  • Skilled Empath Elaine has chosen to use the “Magic Picture” technique from Become the Most Important Person in the Room.
  • Elaine has chosen to read Elizabeth Edwards during one of the high points of her life, using a photo taken with husband John Edwards while both of them were actively campaigning.

What does New Age mean to you?


This thread we’ve been following about New Age… our next reality stitch-up with that thread should be obvious. What DO New Agers have in common, if not the New Age Litany previously discussed?

Here are 10 points I would like to propose as a commonality among New Ager, unofficial but useful to discuss. For the sake of discussion, I’ll go so far as to call them “New Age Requirements.”

Pay attention, Primrose and other Blog-Buddies who don’t usually consider yourselves “New Age.” Maybe you have been a New Ager for quite some time, given what the term really means. Because meeting any one of these requirements would make you a New Ager.

The New Age Litany


I’m proud to be part of the New Age community. You may know that I do a rather time-consuming job  as a columnist for a quarterly magazine, Pathways, in order to help the New Age community and bring attention to deserving authors, especially self-publishers, who need all the help they can get to spread messages that are worth reading.

But New Age also contains its share of problems. So it behooves you to develop New Age consumer smarts. Millions of Enlightenment seekers today follow a kind of litany, promulgated by the likes of Abraham-Hicks and others who preach New Age gospel over Hay House radio. It includes statements like these:

Two New Professional Face Readers


It’s a big day here in Face Reading World when someone new graduates from my Mentoring Program in Professional Face Reading.

Here comes a shout-out to TWO (2!!) new graduates.

Michelle Kierznowski hails from South Africa. Now she lives in England. A loving mother and perpetual student of human nature, Michelle has charmed two birds with one berry. (Or whatever the positive saying would be. Maybe we’ll have to invent one.

The Trap of Clairvoyance


Do you read a lot? I do. I believe it’s important to read books, buy books, and review books for websites like Here in Japan, I do that just as I do at home.

One of the books I brought with me is an advance copy of Karma and Reincarnation by Barbara Y. Martin. Her co-author is Dimitri Moraitis. The publisher, Tarcher, sent it for possible review in my column for Pathways Magazine. The book has certainly made me think a great deal, though not entirely as the authors intended.