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Skilled Empath Merge with James Corden, new host of The Late Late Show

James Corden reminds me of a happy bunny.

James Corden reminds me of a happy bunny.

Everyone into late night TV is talking about James Corden, who made his debut last night as the host of the “Late Late Show.” The CBS show host is perfect for what I’m in the mood for today — something lighthearted. After all, we have been so darned practical lately. I’ll be glad when that series is over.

You know what I mean by “that series,” right?

Practical and helpful, I hope. But I was made for joy more than anything, and maybe you were too. Let’s enjoy today’s Skilled Empath Merge of the gorgeous-voiced singer. You might have seen and heard him in “Into the Woods.” I haven’t, any more than I watched his show last night.

However I did hear a little clip of James Corden singing. You can hear one at this link, if you’re curious. Or just ready for a treat.

Skilled Empath Merge can be the biggest fun