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Attractiveness, Sexiness. Why You Like Someone’s Looks

Attractiveness, sexiness, beauty, handsomeness.

Attractiveness, sexiness, beauty, handsomeness. Secretly, aren’t we all looking for that? But where will we find it?

Attractiveness, sexiness, beauty, handsomeness. For so many reasons you might like or dislike somebody’s looks.

Partly, I’m dedicating today’s blog post to the two different Blog-Buddies. Each one noticed a throwaway comment I couldn’t resist making. Over when researching the aura of “handsome Javier Bardem.”

Javier Bardem Aura Reading for “Villain Talent”

Javier Bardem Aura Reading

Javier Bardem Aura Reading explores why the Oscar-winning actor’s so good at playing villains.

Javier Bardem Aura Reading will explore a curiosity question that strikes me as hilarious. How come this good-looking movie star is so good at playing villains?

If we didn’t have aura reading to help us we might be reduced to guessing. Such as:

Facial Lookalikes? Javier Bardem and Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Facial Lookalikes

Facial Lookalikes? Really? Let’s use two handsome actors as Exhibits A and B for showing how face reading helps us to overcome limiting stereotypes.

Facial Lookalikes? Oh, the silliness! Today let’s continue our demolition of the notion that any two people “look exactly alike.”

When, to a facially literate person, they sure don’t.

Start learning to Read the Secrets — Face Reading Secrets® — about two very famous mouths.

Aura Reading of Javier Bardem, Elaine’s Guest Post

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


Even before she started her Skilled Empath Merge of Javier Bardem, our Blog-Buddy Elaine must have known what she’d be in for — a huge lusty gust of sex appeal. Brave woman, she has summoned up all her spiritual fortitude, made the sacrifice to take a strange and wonderful journey of energetic literacy… and thus her latest Guest Post will add to her wonderful collection for Oscar season 2011.

Elaine sent me this quick note for background:

“Magic Picture” technique for Skilled Empath Merge from Empath Empowerment in 30 Days on Javier Bardem. I have to say, this is getting really fun!

Javier Bardem, Aura Reading #6 for 2011 Oscar Nominees

Annette Bening Aura Reading


Oh, those Oscar nominations always have such type casting. Every year, at least one beautiful female victim is proposed for Best Actress. (This year, the Academy really hit the jackpot with 4 out of 5: Nicole Kidman plus Natalie Portman plus Jennifer Lawrence plus Michelle Williams.)

Of course, there’s always a brave bad boy, too. One choice for Best Bad Boy Actor this year is Javier Bardem. In the interest of full disclosure, I’ll tell you that I’m his mother.