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Exploring Enlightenment Interview, Part 2, Jeffrey Chappell and Rose Rosetree

A close-up view of Amy in Enlightenment

Emily,  a Blog-Buddy from the E.U. who has benefitted from Enlightenment Coaching

Yes, Blog-Buddies, our conversation about Enlightenment continues, as two Enlightenment Coaches interview each other.

Today, here is the wrap-up of a two-part recording, where Jeffrey and Rose interview each other:

Sure, today’s post concludes a two-part series. But this hardly ends the ongoing, unfolding conversation at this blog about Householder Enlightenment.

Exploring Enlightenment, Jeffrey Chappell and Rose Rosetree Interview Each Other, Part 1

Josefa Perea, Professional in Rosetree Energy Spirituality, offering sessions in Spanish as well as English

Josefa Perea, a professional at Rosetree Energy Spirituality who has benefitted from Enlightenment Coaching

What happens when two Enlightenment Coaches interview each other?

Find out, Blog-Buddies. Here’s Part One of our two-part interview, about 20 minutes:

About these two Enlightenment Coaches

Jeffrey Chappell dedicates an entire website to his work as an Enlightenment Coach, and has published “Answers from Silence.”

I offer Enlightenment Coaching more informally.

If you have questions about this interview, ask away, Blog-Buddies. Big thanks to Jeffrey for doing these experimental interviews with me.

Guidance and message receiving quiz, some ANSWERS



What’s up with you and spiritual guidance? What really helps versus what hinders?

Here comes perspective from my work, helping clients during thousands of session hours; using energetic literacy skills and skilled empath merge to learn real consequences of practices that are advocated in New Age spirituality and many religions.

Brave questions from you, Compassionate answers from Mr. Enlightenment

Mr. Enlightenment returns, never better

Mr. Enlightenment is back. His work is not yet complete, at least if you define it as helping all of us to join him in All-Time-Samadhi-Land.

In fact, by Mr. Enlightenment’s standard, his work isn’t complete even if he defines it merely as answering questions we Blog-Buddies posed to him during our Bloggy Enlightenment Contest, back in the last decade. (Okay, just a couple of months ago.)

Talking to Mr. Enlightenment

Rose Rosetree, pursuing the timelessness of Enlightenment

What was it like, interviewing Mr. Enlightenment for this blog? Many of you Blog-Buddies had submitted questions. In preparation, I grouped questions into categories and then asked away.

S0on as we began the conversation, and I heard Mr. Enlightenment’s scrumptious voice, ta da! I had a brainwave. What if we just made the audio file of our recording go live? That way, I wouldn’t have to spend four hours or more on transcribing his words.

Answers from Mr. Enlightenment

Mr. Enlightenment, Jeffrey Chappell

Now that our latest contest is complete, we are all winners. Cosmic drumroll !!!!!!!!!

Mr. Enlightenment has answered a whole lot of questions from our previous contest, “Ask Mr. Enlightenment.”

Not only is a full transcript below. We have a great supplement.

Ask Mr. Enlightenment — A Contest Where Everyone Wins — Again and Again

Jeffrey Chappell, “Mr. Enlightenment”

Have I ever got a treat for you, Blog-Buddies! What if you could ask questions to someone who is both spiritually Enlightened, a terrific writer, and a friend of this blog?

Some recent comments here made me wish I could summon up a “Mr. Enlightenment” or “Ms. Enlightenment” to answer everybody’s questions. You know, questions like, “When you’re with other Enlightened people, what does it smell like?” Or any other practical questions you have been longing to ask.

So I bravely contacted Jeffrey Chappell, author of Answers from Silence. “Bravely” because he is soooooooo scary. 😉

Aura Readings of Enlightenment — JEFFREY CHAPPELL







Our group discussion of enlightenment is off to a promising start with Char’s heartfelt guest post and Rosamond’s lovely comment. Aura readings of people who are, actually, spiritually enlightened — aren’t these the perfect type of post to alternate with theoretical definitions?

Here spiritual readings trump theory; empathic merges or aura readings in particular are recommended to flesh out ideas about spirituality — or what is really going on with political figures beneath the spin, or the un-fakeable truth about any person in any walk of life.