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John McCain Aura Reading. Overcoming Torture

John McCain Aura Reading.

John McCain Aura Reading can open up your heart of compassion. Learn how he recovered from torture.

John McCain Aura Reading today. Because I join with the millions who acknowledge his life of public service and honor. Especially I’m curious about this….

How did the Arizona Senator regain trust of life, people, reality, of anything really? Regain trust after years of torture as a prisoner of war. That’s what I’ll share with you today, through a comparison aura reading. 

Anger — How Cutting Cords of Attachment Can Help


Whether you do Face Reading or Aura Reading on John McCain, his most significant problem shows clearly: Anger. He’s hardly the only one to have this problem.

Let’s devote a two-part post to exploring how anger can be helped by cutting cords of attachment.

Sophisticated readers, get ready for information that didn’t make it into my how-to book, Cut Cords of Attachment but instead is part of what I’ve been reserving for a sequel.  

Aura Reading & Empath-Merge with Warner and Gilmore

Abigail Breslin Aura Reading


When Jim Gilmore and Mark Warner campaign for a seat on the Senate, little do they know what’s showing. It isn’t their underwear but something far more personal. Auras can’t be hidden, any more than they can be faked — which is why I’m going to proceed with a detailed Aura Reading of each candidate.

The words of this Aura Reading may gain extra resonance because I’m actually going to do a skilled Empath Merge with each candidate.

Who Is Torturing John McCain Now?

Annette Bening Aura Reading


Watching “The Daily Show” comparing clips of John McCain pre-2006 versus now, my husband and I were fascinated.

He said, “When McCain speaks now, his mouth looks as though he is tasting something bitter.”

Good point about that shift to McCain’s body language!

Does Satan Lurk in Washington?


Read all about it on the front page of today’s Washington Post Style Section. “Presidential candidate John McCain keeps calling Washington the city of Satan.”

The story continues with comments by the Director of Cutting Edge Ministries. His belief, shared by many, is

The Holy Hologram of Auras


Any form of deeper perception gives you a highly practical spiritual reading — not of spirits floating around, mediumistically reached for, but the real live human spirit, a unique earth personality. Who is this person, in depth and detail?

Reading faces, as we did yesterday on John Bogle, means accessing the easiest of the holy holograms. Meet him in a crowd, with just seconds to look, and you might well notice those exceptionally large earlobes noticed by two of our bloggers yesterday. Automatically, you would know what that means:

Loveable, Cheeky John Bogle

If you’re going to choose a candidate for aura readings and reading faces, why not think big? Why not think of a man whose mission of mercy-and-money is big?

When we had our Three Loveables Contest, Elise wrote that Bogle, the founder of Vanguard, has had a mission ever since college to make investing “accessible and affordable (and free of rip-off) to regular people.”