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Moving Forward Gracefully in the Age of Aquarius

Age of Aquarius living compared to an airport's moving walkway

Age of Aquarius living compared to an airport’s moving walkway

Living today, it’s like walking forward on a fast moving walkway. The momentum for speed carries us forward like one of those motorized thingies they have at airports. Even if you stand still, clutching your suitcase, another passenger may pass you by, moving even faster.

Good luck staying comfortable, no matter how fast or slowly you wish to go.

That’s life in this Age of Aquarius, where collective consciousness all over the world is evolving so fast. In the country I know best, America, this has been a month of such social and political change.

  • A huge victory for gay rights and a hideous defeat for the opposers.
  • A humiliating loss for those who are now stockpiling Confederate flags like crazy, while they can still get them.
  • Fuming rage or frustrated incredulity for those who support gun control, at watching yet another murder.
  • Horror that the Affordable Care Act is still the law of the land.
  • Buttons pushed first by Caityn Jenner, then by Rachel Dolezal.
  • And all that’s just America. What anybody concerned about financial security who lives right now in Greece? Or marriage conservatives in Ireland? What about so much more….

How about a kindness break?

From one human tear  you might generate so many drops of sweetness

From one human tear you might generate so many drops of sweetness

At the blog lately I’ve been going through the grim parade of draining people, toxic personalities, energy vampires, psychic vampires. Have been trying to sort out common misunderstandings that happen all too often in this new Age of Aquarius.

Meanwhile here is what has happened to me personally in the last 24 hours. I have had three very difficult interactions, two with established relationships that matter enormously to me and one with a potential new friendship that is now, officially, over.

For me that amounted to more difficult personal interactions than I have had in the last six months. Maybe longer. Definitely more tears than I have shed in many years, put together.

Communication matters so much for untangling misunderstandings. In every one of these conflict resolutions, it was necessary for me to admit mistakes I had made. Admit to the other person, admit to myself.

The other person fought fair, just as I did. What matters most is that, in each case, we arrived at an understanding. I’m sure that respectful resolution of conflict will help us so much in the long run, keeping each relationship vibrant.