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Aura Reading of Lena Dunham, Answering More of Your Questions

Lena Dunham, ready for MORE aura reading

Lena Dunham, ready for MORE aura reading

Today I’ll continue aura reading research on Lena Dunham, which was begun here: Answering 10 great questions about Lena Dunham with aura reading. (Answering the First Questions)

Again I caution you Blog-Buddies to avoid reading Lena Dunham’s aura. Why? Because of the extreme spiritual addiction from which she is suffering, now and for the forseeable future. I’ll be reading the photo of her that she sent out to promote exercising, as described in yesterday’s post.

Now, without further ado, on to reading Lena Dunham’s aura as it is now.

Answering 10 GREAT QUESTIONS about Lena Dunham with Aura Reading. (Answering the First Questions)

Lena Dunham, ready for her aura reading

Lena Dunham, ready for her aura reading

Who won Second Prize? Our most recent contest was What Could Possibly Make This Person Tick? And thanks to Blog-Buddy BRANDI — and Comments at #2-3, 15-16, 18-29 — we’ll explore…

Who is Lena Dunham to share her life so thoroughly, uninhibitedly, and profitably?

Unless you’ve been living in a media cave you know lots about Lena already. Well, hasn’t there already been TMI about her?

Still, you may be motivated to learn more thanks to what follows (an excerpt from a scathing review of her memoir Not That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She’s “Learned”  in New Republic):

Lena Dunham is “everybody’s favorite fun feminist and generational spokesmodel—a commercial proposition, to be sure, but normally not the sort of jewel of the Nile that would justify the reported $3.7 million advance usually reserved for first ladies and retired CEOs.”

Wow, right?

Awakening compassion about Lena Dunham

Or you might be motivated to learn more about Lena Dunham through compassion.

My Personal Experience of the FULL-Lena Dunham Distinctive FAKE SMILE

Face reading Lena Dunham, Concluded

Face reading Lena Dunham, Concluded

Body language and expression are so much fun to explore with the experiment that I gave you in yesterday’s blog post about Lena Dunham. Yes, notice how Lena Dunham is proudly displaying her full-fake smile.

Here are results of that experiment for me. And then my conclusion. Before reading further, do check out this experiment on your own, following the steps at Lena Dunham’s Best Fake Smile, reading one distinctive bit of body language and expression.

Expression research, Rose Rosetree’s version

Okay, here goes.

How I felt before doing the FULL-Lena Dunham distinctive fake smile

Peaceful emotionally

Expanded energetically

Strong, humanly (and nicely full after an especially good lunch)

Lena Dunham's BEST FAKE SMILE. Reading One Distinctive Bit of Body Language and Expression

Lena Dunham, demonstrating a fascinating fake smile

Lena Dunham, demonstrating a fascinating fake smile

Well the joke is on me, Blog-Buddies. After sketching out a two-part series of articles with aura reading the rich and famous and beloved Lena Dunham, can I finally finish today’s article and do more of the things on my list for today? Hahaha. Nope.

I must * must * must first do today’s bit of reading body language. Because this is tooooo fascinating to resist. And I’m sure you will have fun with the special experiment that you’ll be given in today’s article.

What can you learn about Lena Dunham a photo where she flashes her most distinctive smile?