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Lessons from My Garden: Is Spring Supposed to Be This?

little tree

Yes, it’s the first day of spring. Yes, but.

Today I had big plans for planting. Four svelte and shiny little evergreen trees are perched in their pots. Plump bags of fancy soil are my new purchases too; promises written on the packages inspire me; this soil ought to help my new arborvites get off to a great start.

All my gardening plans are in place. Except for the forecast today: cold rain and maybe even snow.

But everything has been scheduled! A nice piece of time set aside, after church, is to be my glorious time for planting. Well, glorious except for that weather forecast, which is so not included in my official plans.

I’m Not Ungrateful, Not Really

Lessons from My Garden: The Momentum of Enjoyment


Basil is a self-renewing form of deliciousness. The more you take, the more you get.

I love that about annual plants. Unlike perennials, they come into your world (grow in your garden) just once. So they give you their all.

Under decent conditions, an annual flower or herb will give and give and give.

A basil plant, for instance, will loyally deliver its part of your pesto. Again and again and again.

When a Garden Herb Really Delivers, You Can Taste It

Good Habits and Divine Grace. Lessons from My Garden

Mother's Day in Sterling, Virginia

Mother’s Day in Sterling, Virginia

Spring around here is almost inexpressibly lovely. In this part of Northern Virginia, little houses like mine have gardens — some fairly elaborate, others exuberantly wild in their neglect, and mine somewhat in-between.

Lately I’ve been kept busy adoring the lilacs. Even more than the tulips and daffodils and crocuses. Maybe. (Well, maybe not. I’m kind of an equal opportunity Garden Mom.)

When my five — yes five — pregnant peony plants pop open I will be in gardener’s ecstasy.

Still, I’m thinking a bit ahead to the summer. Yesterday I bought a tomato plant, marigolds and basil.

Although usually so dependable, my old rosemary and sage plants didn’t make it through our harsh winter, so I bought new ones and have planted them, too.

Long story short, Friday was the grand Purchasing and Planting Ceremony. Which meant that I used a garden hose for the first time all year.