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"365 Ways to a Stronger You" Reviewed by "Midwest Book Review"

An eBook to help you succeed in life in very  human ways

An eBook to help you succeed at life in very human ways

Once again, I am so delighted that, once again, the Midwest Book Review has acknowledged one of my titles with a wonderful review. This is such an honor.

365 Ways to a Stronger You” is the eBook edition of the paperback “Let Today Be a Holiday: 365 Ways to Co-Create with God.”

Recently we have had quite a bit of discussion about co-creating with the Divine. Well, either edition of this daybook — paperback or eBook — is full of practical ways to co-create with God. And also live more productively as a human being.

  • Click here to check out the hundreds of techniques in this page-a-day book.
  • Find ordering information is at the end of this article.
  • Here is the new review of the eBook, published in the August 2015 issue of the online book review magazine “Reviewer’s Bookwatch.” My thanks to reviewer Emma James.

God Game



God Game — play it and you win. To help you succeed, this blog post introduces you to a simple way to search for God. And find God, too: “The Pocket.”

Today’s post flows from a wonderful Guest Post by SOPHIA, If you don’t believe in God, how can Energy Spirituality help you? Part 1,

In response, we’ve got an equally heartfelt and amazing Guest Post by AMY. Her Part 2 to this conversation was Does your relationship to God depend on social belonging? A Guest Post by Amy.

365 Ways to a Stronger You — interact with the book

365 Ways to a Stronger You

Blog-Buddies, before it turns midnight I want to finish up some smashing of words. Specifically, I am smashing words up into an ebook, via a service called Smashbooks.

Seemed like fun to start with my simplest nonfiction book, format-wise. Plus this one has a better title, perhaps, in its ebook edition.

Do You Have the Right to Your Pain?

co-create with God, holiday book






Blog-Buddies, I wonder how many of you can relate to a question Andrew emailed me yesterday:

I have done some group inner child sessions – I always tell people that I had a happy childhood and was quite a happy child. I have been quite shocked at the dreadful stories some people recount of their

Your Wonderfully, Very, Human Life




Yes, a new book is in the works, Become The Most Important Person in the Room. “The baby” will officially be published in exactly one week. But today I want to put in a word for a book I don’t talk about much.

365 Ways to a Stronger You:

Balance Your Human Life with Helping Others as a World Server

Virtual Reincarnation, Aura Reading Treat

Rose Rosetree










Don’t let that familiar face in the mirror fool you. That person you see in the mirror today may contain a new life. It just inhabits that familiar body and face.

Aura Reading would reveal the nuances, and so might Face Reading, actually. Most of us never give our facial changes enough credit. We’re too busy looking for the cliches society has taught us, such as the (supposedly) desirable chance to “not change a bit.”