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Secret Lives. Afterwards, Healing.

Secret Lives

Secret Lives. Even aura reading won’t necessarily show us that somebody is leading a secret life.

Secret Lives. Even aura reading won’t necessarily show us that somebody is leading a secret life. What explains that limitation?

  • Sometimes the secret keeper feels guilt. Remorse. That would show in his aura.
  • Maybe the secret keeper feels entitled. Or as if the secret life is a thrilling adventure, totally okay.

The cause of secrecy matters as well. Mostly today’s post is about a man who was forced to keep a secret. Until he simply, bravely, refused. 

Marriage Equality, Divinely Blessed

Marriage Equality, Divinely Blessed

Marriage Equality, Divinely Blessed. Aura reading brings perspective on sacred married love.

Marriage Equality, Divinely Blessed. Aura reading research has convinced me. Every legal marriage, entered into by mutual consent, is blessed by God.

The President’s change of position about same-sex marriage parallels much of the growth in collective consciousness over marriage equality. A support of marriage equality that can be perfectly compatible with Christianity. Obama called to congratulate the first couple in San Francisco to get married after the Supreme Court struck down the “Defense of Marriage Act” last Wednesday.

Jason Collins Courage. Empath Merge

Jason Collins

Jason Collins Courage. Humanly and spiritually, I think this athlete deserves some kind of RES trophy.

Jason Collins Courage —  because he lived a lie in public for 12 years. Now he’s come out. You bet that’s courage. I’m here to award him own of the highest honors at my blog.

Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) doesn’t include giving out trophies. But I can honor Jason by giving him here a Skilled Empath Merge.

Collins played for the National Basketball Association. Presumed heterosexual until (last week). When he dared to come out as gay. The first openly gay professional player in one of America’s four major team sports.

Aura Reading an LGBT Hero, Margaret Cho

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


Our last aura reading profile of this series will star Margaret Cho. She was proposed for the Aura Reading Contest, Celebrating Humor.

Before this latest excursion into Stage Three Energetic Literacy, here is how Margaret Cho was nominated. First, Comment 1 by A.J. about this  comedienne, actress, author:

Straight or Gay? What can energetic literacy tell you about sexual orientation?



Sure, you’re curious. Who wouldn’t be? Sex is one of life’s great mysteries. For the sake of your love life alone, wouldn’t it be useful to use energetic literacy to do some sexual detective work?

Especially wouldn’t it be highly useful to know for sure about any person’s sexual orientation?

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