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Naomi Watts Aura Reading Movie Review

Naomi Watts, ready for her aura reading movie review

Naomi Watts, ready for her aura reading movie review

Naomi Watts Aura Reading Movie Review. She did great at the box office, even scored an Academy Award Nomination. Which secrets does aura reading tell us?

Although she’s such a sparkler, that Naomi Watts! It would be tempting to bypass energy literacy and just think, “Such a sparkler!”

Yet you can be sure she is a serious artist, like any of the artists nominated this year for an Academy Award for Best Actor or Best Actress. And it is my delight, doing this latest Aura Reading Movie Review, to explore whether Naomi Watts has managed to make her aura lie.

Your Life Purpose, to this aura reader, anyway

Purpose could be the most highly charged word in all of New Age. Not living your purpose is the woo-woo equivalent of “You are going to Hell.”

Terror can be at the core of the search for purpose, terror over squandering your life without ever living what you were “meant to do.” 

Life Purpose — Could Finding It Be the LAST Thing You Need?


As someone who does aura readings and empath merges with clients, I bring a different perspective to LIFE PURPOSE than my friend, Life Coach Sharon Greenspan. My experience leads me to wonder if trying to find your life purpose could be the LAST thing a person needs.


Recently I had a client for an Energy Spirituality HEALING session who gave me this intention for our 55-minutes by phone. “Sondra” said:

“Find all the blocks in my aura and remove them. Tell me my life purpose. Help me know what to do day-by-day in my life.”

Sure, and what were we going to do with all the extra time after I wrapped that up?

Actually, for that session, we wound up finding one very practical aspect of Sondra’s life where she felt most stuck. We wound up doing a lot of powerful healing to help her live better and resume being in charge of her life.

Yes, that search for someone to tell you LIFE PURPOSE can be part of surrendering power to another person. I don’t care whether that “person” is an angel or “Your Higher Power” or a gossipy next-door neighbor or a renowned writer like Eckhardt Tolle. Isn’t the person in charge of this human life supposed to be YOU?

It’s one thing to co-create with God, as God’s grownup. It’s something else to be God’s baby, surrendering and asking to be led like a sheep. During the Piscean era, humanity needed the latter. During Old Testament times, to feel spiritually connected you would need to hunt that sheep down, slaughter it, give it up as a burnt offering. But now in the Acquarian age?

Sometimes person just feels stuck — and doesn’t everyone sometimes? Then the thought comes, “I’ve tried fixing things and it hasn’t worked. So maybe the problem is that I don’t know my purpose. If I did, everything would magically be better.”


Here’s a different kind of magic solution: Waking up the magic in everyday life by reading life deeper. As in my brand new book, Read People Deeper (Advance copies go on sale today.)

Stuck in your job? In your marriage? Bored with yourself?

Don’t just blame the outer. And don’t just transcend regular life through meditation, other spiritual practices, or doing far-out spiritual reading. Move as deeply as you can into your human life, using your unique human consciousness.

How? Do aura readings or Skilled Empath merges, or try reading faces.

When you do this, you open up a whole new world within this world. And it must might make that human life of yours far more worth reading.


Recently I have wondered if the pop culture search for Life Purpose could be a kind of code term. Maybe people are conflating it to mean “Awake inside, living with the consciousness where I see deeply into life, day by day.”

If you are yearning for such a thing, you don’t just need one pat answer. You could need a pat on the forehead, a Third Eye Opening.

This is something I facilitate for clients during sessions of Energy Spirituality HEALING. I do it as appropriate, as part of a session for spiritual expansion. (And if a Third Eye Opening doesn’t seem appropriate, I explain why, based on other observations about your aura.)

Sometimes people hearing that term think I do so mechanical kind of valve opening in the subtle body. I’ve been told “this could be dangerous.” Actually, nothing about it is dangerous or radical or mechanical. It’s a removal of blockage, akin to cutting cords of attachment.

If you’re interested in this kind of session with me, please don’t imagine a fantasy version. No, you will not instantly become omniscient. No, you’ll probably still have to work for a living. And, no, what happens with a well-opened third eye is not getting a one-sentence statement of purpose, “Oh, I am supposed to be a taxidermist.”


One more possibility belongs in this context of Life Purpose. Your aura itself can give the most perfect, detailed, insightful feedback about any life choice. I call it doing a Soul Thrill® Aura Research, and I do sessions like this a lot.

  • You list a bunch of choices. (Yes, YOU list them, not some big authority outside yourself.)
  • You tell me which aspects of life you’re concerned about, and I find the relevant aura databanks. Is it making money? Having a great sex life? Feeling powerful? Having self-esteem? Being able to express yourself? Letting creativity flow? Being respected by others?
  • Then the real fun begins. I do baseline readings of each databank. Then I find out right from your aura the impact of each choice. Does it thrill your soul, help you prosper financially, or simply suit your intellect?

One caution, though, about this research. Don’t choose it if you only want to confirm a decision you’ve already made. I can still remember the fury of “Noelle,” a client who wanted to become a screenwriter. She had it all figured out that the purpose of her life was to be a rich and famous screenwriter. My role was to validate.

Instead, I told her the truth, as it showed in her aura. This big screenwriting career was a fantasy. Many other choices suited her better. This was so not what she wanted to hear!


Okay, Sondra was unusual. What do most people really want to hear when they seek “My Life Purpose”? I wonder if, perhaps, many people equate having one piece of spiritual information with having the consciousness of All Truth Everywhere Now, spiritual enlightenment.

But consciousness is not an idea. It isn’t even an idea about spirituality. Instead, consciousness is an experience. You can wake this up in a variety of ways. (Yes, they include reading faces, reading auras, becoming a skilled empath.)

Consciousness is something you have THROUGH your senses, not just WITH your senses. Remind you of the title of a book you know?

So use your consciousness, friends. Take that ONE BIG ANSWER idea with a grain of salt.

Know Your Life Purpose, a GUEST POST by Sharon


Blog-Buddies, we’re going to take a brief hiatus on our series about AURA READINGS OF THE RICH AND FUNNY, because Life Coach Sharon Greenspan just made the most thought-provoking comment over on a previous thread.

“Knowing Your Life Purpose” has become as much a part of pop culture as carrying a yoga mat, but what does it mean to do this as someone who does