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Goal Setting Skills Can Make Your New Year Bright

Goal Setting Skills

Goal Setting Skills can help you to have an extra-happy new year.

Goal Setting Skills can make a huge difference for your 2019. Helping you to build every aspect of success that you hold dear. But where to start?

Surprising Soul Thrill™ Aura Research

Surprising Soul Thrill Aura Research

Surprising Soul Thrill Aura Research can help you solve a lot of problems.

Note: In November 2017, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office awarded a trademark for the service.  Soul Thrill® Aura Research

Surprising Soul Thrill™ Aura Research  — this post explains how to prepare for this super-practical kind of RES Energy READING session.

See that little TM by the name of this service? That’s new.

Today I’ll start using it because I finally applied for a trademark. (Eventually it hit me, this kind of aura reading is quite distinctive, and so many clients love it. I thought, “Hello, it’s trademark time.”)

How Enlightenment Can, Indirectly, Help a Person Make More Money. A Guest Post by GRACE W.

Learn success secrets from a successful entrepreneur (in Enlightenment)

Learn success secrets from a successful entrepreneur (in Enlightenment)

Golly, the great questions you Blog-Buddies ask in our comments sections! This time we had a conversation going on today related to this gorgeous article, A Guest Post by RES Professional Jessica Gates.

Our discussion worked around to RACHEL requesting an example of learning for someone who had moved into Householder Enlightenment.

GRACE W. replied, “I’ll chime in and say that, yes, in my experience, learning has become easier with less STUFF.  What’s been great fun is the quickening of creating. Meaning that the speed between my choice to create something in particular in my life and the manifestation of it, in certain cases, has been amazing. That is really fun. ?

Of course, RACHEL’s curiosity was piqued. She politely requested that GRACE W. share more about this topic, if possible.


How to make more money in 2015


How to make lots more money in 2015

How to make lots more money in 2015

Many a new client says something like this, “I would like to earn more money. Help me to strengthen my Root Chakra.”

Mind-body-spirit healing can deliver a lot, but not when we pursue an approach that simply can’t work. Definitely the case here, although, this “Strong Root Chakra magnetizes more money” is one of the most popular cliches in New Age. Not only popular with Abraham-Hicks and “The Secret” but common with energy medicine approaches like Reiki.

Here I’ll explain what this doesn’t work, can’t work, and what would work better to help you make lots more money in 2015.

Last Chance to Take My Workshop on Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy

Making more money as part of your personal path to Enlightenment

Last call for the Magnetize Money Workshop, in person, making a difference for YOU

When the seven chambers of your throat chakra open, as part of a group experience that awakens something gorgeously individual for YOU — that is usually my favorite part of facilitating the Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy Workshop. Actually the entire weekend is crammed with goodies, understandings and experiences you won’t find elsewhere.

  • Would you like to jump-start your next level of success, materially?
  • Are you eager to use more of your potential to change the world?
  • Do you aim to live with purpose? (And without giving yourself a hard time over it.)
  • Then take this dynamic workshop to help you to “Overcome Energetic Limitations that Limit Your Income”

The weekend is April 26-27, 2014. And, yes, it is your last chance to take this live, interactive workshop.