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Pot, Marijuana, Grass, Weed, Ayahuasca, Other Drugs — Top 10 Articles

Pot, marijuana, grass, weed... ayahuasca -- energetic literacy sheds light in these Top 10 posts

Pot, marijuana, grass, weed… ayahuasca — energetic literacy sheds light with these Top 10 posts

This Top 10 article helps you to understand the ugly consequences of using substances for recreational or spiritual purposes. Whether the drug of choice is ayahuasca or pot (a.k.a. marijuana, grass, weed, cannabis).

After the high wears off, what do drugs like pot really do to a person? And how can Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) help you graduate from smoking pot, etc.

If you’re interested in support to supplement the services of a recovery specialist or a 12-step program, yes, RES may be able to support your lifestyle: clean & sober & thriving & having a much better life than before.

Three Years Pot-Free with Help from Energy Spirituality, a Guest Post by ANONYMOUS

How could your life change if you became reefer-free?

How could your life change if you became reefer-free?

Blog-Buddies, today’s guest post comes from a former pothead. A pothead no more! Before you read, please take note of this disclaimer: I am not a substance abuse counselor, nor do I have other credentials to help clients or readers with recovery. The same is true for all Energy Spirituality experts I train.

However, self-healing skills from Energy Spirituality — which you can learn from a few of my books — can have helped others to become pot-free. Also helpful, some personal sessions of Energy Spirituality.

Just as most people won’t read anti-pot blog posts too often, not too many people know about RES yet. Amazing you found my little labor-of-love-type blog! Welcome, readers!

Now it’s your turn, ANONYMOUS.

Energy Spirituality Has Helped Me to Live Pot-Free. Three Years, Now.

YUP, one of America’s zoned-out potheads was ME!

How did my life pot-free begin?