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The Problem with Pot, Part Two

Might the fun of reefer madness and munchies come with an energetic price?

So, continuing with an aura reading perspective on what marijuana really does to make a person feel high.

A certain kind of chemical reaction occurs. Hello, grass is a mind-altering drug!

In medicine, the term is “Psychoactive.” In terms of consciousness, what happens to Joe? His awareness raises to a higher vibration. He begins to experience life based in one of those subtle bodies in his aura. This is an astral body, not a human-type body.

The Problem with Pot. Perspective from Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES)

What is the problem with pot? Aura reading helps to solve this mystery.

Medical fads come and go. Back in the day, when my mother suffered from menstrual cramps, what did her doctor prescribe? Morphine.

“I didn’t take it,” she told me. “I feared that I had an addictive personality.”

Mom and how many millions of other people? With morphine, the problem isn’t just about personality. The drug has addictive properties. Yet morphine used to be routinely prescribed by doctors before they figured that out. Morphine and cocaine used to be available from Sears catalogs, along with injection kits.

Stop Pot Dependency

Stop Pot Dependency

Stop Pot Dependency — In this guest post, BETH tells her story.

Stop Pot Dependency. Although enthusiasts claim that marijuana is not addictive, today’s guest poster BETH knows better. Her story!

Let’s continue to explore how RES helped BETH recover from smoking pot. Continue why? Because we’re having a bit of controversy.

Over at  our recent guest post by Beth, How much does Rosetree Energy Spirituality cost, compared to weed? In her first-ever appearance at this blog, KILAYA’s Comment 5 began:

“Anyone who has any personal experience with addiction and has also used marijuana for any length of time

knows that marijuana is not addictive, unless you want to over-generalize the term “addiction”,

in which case ice cream, exercise, television and masturbation are all highly addictive, far more than marijuana.”

How Much Does Rosetree Energy Spirituality Cost, Compared to Weed?

Expensive? Not.

Expensive? Not. Let’s talk money and spiritual growth, Blog-Buddies.

Expensive? Not. Let’s talk money, weighing the costs of pot-marijuana-grass-weed versus the fees for sessions of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES).

Recently we have had some exchanges here about cost and value. The context was learning Empath Empowerment(R). Indirectly money came up then, at For Empath Empowerment, Quiz Yourself.

Self-Centered Fear, a transitional concept from Narcotics Anonymous



I applaud anyone who has gone to Narcotics Anonymous even once. This 12-Step Program is a lifeline for so many courageous people in recovery who seek to break free from substance addiction.

One of my cherished long-term clients is GLADYS. She has a history that involves substances. One session at a time, we are moving out STUFF and putting in new understandings, choices, and social skills in alignment with her soul, her strongest individual qualities of Who You Be. (This 50% of move out STUFF and 50% of put-in is, of course, a working definition of Energy Spirituality.)

My Turning Point, Clearly Signed. A guest post by Scarlett Jade


I have something to say that ties into a couple of themes that could be summarized as “Pain” and being “High.” For context, I am a former stoner of 20 years. For well over a year, I haven’t gotten high once — unless you count using techniques of energetic literacy for a natural high.

There is something to be said for the contrast of experience being high or not.

I mistakenly started out smoking believing that it was an honorable spiritual path. I also felt that it intensified experiences, and that quality in itself was a positive thing all around.

Arlene, the Groovy Psychiatrist, on Weed (And More)



Undercover psychiatrist “Arlene” starts talking about Energy Spirituality, pot, and other topics.

Rose: Greetings to you, Arlene the Groovy Psychiatrist, and greetings to all you Blog-Buddies who are listening to the recording that we’re making. Funnily enough, we’re making this recording on the 14th of July, 2011, and meanwhile this is a part of a contest that was originally posted at my blog on January 10th, 2011. 

My passion project, a guest post by Jeremy



What it is like for spiritual people with evolved ideas and ways of life to live in a world where most people are at least half asleep, if not completely passed out?

We learn to read and understand energy to help us understand and feel more connected to everyone and everything. But if almost everyone around us is asleep, and chooses not to do the same, it feels like you are in essence, more alone.

What can alcohol, cocaine, and pot do to a person energetically?


So much for my orderly plans for the flow of posts at this blog! Soon we will get to Tenderness Part 3, as well as a couple of guest posts I’m waiting to put in, etc. Quite a long list!

Meanwhile, VALERIE asked a great question today. As long as I’m answering, this deserves its own post. So here we go.

She asked, at Comment 79, in our thread about how to stop smoking marijuana:

Healing YOUR part of the Loneliness Epidemic

In 1893, sociologist Emile Durkheim coined the term anomie to describe a new kind of loneliness. Unprecedented numbers of workers were leaving the cozy, comfy, ok — stifling comfort, of their small towns and villages.

You could think of these small towns like the bar depicted in TV classic “Cheers,” a gathering place where everybody knows you, including every single one of your quirks. Only, of course, “Cheers” wouldn’t happen for some hundred years after Durkheim’s discovery.