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Relationship Fun. Rosanna Tufts Interview

Relationship Fun

Relationship Fun — When Rosanna Tufts interviews me on her radio show!

Relationship Fun. Rosanna Tufts interview coming right up. Of course, it’s going to be a bunch of fun. Or to put it another way…

Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrright! Rrrrrrosana and Rrrrrrose and face Rrrrrrrreading. Surrrrrrrrrrrre.

The Seven Biggest Questions



So you’re interested in Deeper Perception! Yet you also live in objective reality, inescapable so long as you live here at Earth School. What people say and do, located right on the surface of life.

Good old objective reality, where certain choices cannot be avoided. And where each choice carries consequences, like it or not.

So often, Blog-Buddies, talking with a client in a healing session, I say something like this, “We’ll get to that aura reading part soon. But first, let’s pay attention to objective reality, Because Deeper Perception never works well as a substitute for common sense.”

Divorced and hiding it


Got divorce in your past? How about shame in your present?

And how much of this goop shows in your aura?

Today, we begin with a Guest Post from Blog-Buddy David: 

When a Divorce Turns into Decades

cut cords of attachment, rose rosetree






I’m not entirely convinced that divorce should be legal. Not unless each party to the proceeding has the option to Cut the Cord of Attachment to that ex.

Otherwise, it only seems like a divorce. Energetically the couple stays connected through life.

Haven’t we all met someone who wasn’t able to move on? Years later, even decades later,