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Healing Physical Pain. Can RES Help?


Healing Physical Pain

Healing Physical Pain. Why Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis® is an exception to the rule.

Healing Physical Pain  — Can this ever happen through Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES)? Let’s explore.

Recently I shared a rare example of a miracle: Long-term physical pain ending. After a two-hour session of Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis® (SEAH). At this post, Pain Miracle with SEAH, KYLIE wrote:

Even without physical healing, the results of SEAH sessions can seem miraculous. They have really helped me a lot to transform old patterns.

But it is exciting to know that sometimes SEAH sessions can transform your physical health too.

All Mind-Body-Spirit Healing Equal? All of It? Really?

Is a feather the same as a bar of gold? Just as unlikely, "All mind-body-spirit skills are equal."

Does a feather weigh as much as a bar of gold? Just as unlikely, “All mind-body-spirit skills are equal.”

Is all Mind-Body-Spirit healing equal? Joe thought so.

Thank you, Joe, for inspiring today’s blog post. Today my goal is to help all you Blog-Buddies to question this common assumption. For instance, what if you search online about any of the categories for this blog? Will every method offered be identical, equally useful?

That’s worth asking. Especially since many of us fear “being judgmental.” Perhaps preferring the superior standards of “whatever.” 😉 Or touting an Age of Faith idea, like “If you really believe, that’s all that matters.” Blog-Buddies, do you think that idea holds up in our new Age of Awakening?

New Age Leftover Collection. Part 3. A Wake-Up Call.

New Age Leftover Collection

New Age Leftover Collection. Let’s carry forward the promise of Post-New-Age.

New Age Leftover Collection — you may read today’s post with a grim fascination. Because it’s a cautionary set of observations. Yet this is also a hopeful post for all of us who wish to carry forward the promise of New Age.

All of this has been prompted, as you may know, from a certain unofficial experiment in time-lapse encounters. Via the Pathways Mind-Body-Spirit Expo. Lovingly presented every six months, supporting a group of dedicated, long-term, New Agers. Arguably the region’s best.

Might you or your loved ones still live New Age? But our entire planet has shifted into The Age of Awakening. Although New Agers win loyalty points, and perseverance plaudits, hello! Now’s the time to learn some new tricks.

Please tell these so-spiritual people, “Sure you can learn how to live Post-New Age. And thrive in the process.”

Announcing a Pathways Magazine Column on Energetic Literacy


Pathways is not just a plump, informative magazine in the metro Washington, D.C. region. It is a big deal in mind-body-spirit in America.

Back when I turned pro as a face reader, in 1986, Pathways used to carry a list of “Sister publications” nationwide. These were other free giveaway publications, with local and national news of New Age. All were paid for by advertisers, with articles to educate and inspire readers.

Arlene, the Groovy Psychiatrist, on Weed (And More)



Undercover psychiatrist “Arlene” starts talking about Energy Spirituality, pot, and other topics.

Rose: Greetings to you, Arlene the Groovy Psychiatrist, and greetings to all you Blog-Buddies who are listening to the recording that we’re making. Funnily enough, we’re making this recording on the 14th of July, 2011, and meanwhile this is a part of a contest that was originally posted at my blog on January 10th, 2011. 

Who is in charge, you or your guides?


This blog is service-oriented, as in existing to help YOU, my Blog-Buddies.

  • Sometimes I entertain you (or even attempt to shed political insight) by sharing face readings, aura readings, empath merges of people in the news.
  • Sometimes I educate you about empath empowerment or energetic literacy, the emerging skills of this third millennium.
  • Aura healing is another main category, as you can see from our CATEGORIES column.

More Requirements for Permanent Energy Healing

energy healing, rose rosetree






Let’s continue our consumer-smarts exploration about what it really takes for successful energy healing. You could also call this “Permanently moving out STUFF” or doing professional-quality spiritual healing or emotional healing.

I’m not going to include physical healing where energy is involved. Except to say this:

How easy is it to receive PERMANENT healing?

rose rosetree, spiritual healing






Nearly three weeks into the new year, what’s with those New Year’s Resolutions?

When it’s relatively easy to keep them, your cherished choice can be accomplished by the sheer force of your will. If you’re wavering, consider the possibility that you need more than will. You might need healing.

These days, more people than ever are involved in holistic healing. More of us are do-it-yourselfers. Both these trends are exciting. Yet many would-be healers are confused about how to do healing, whether emotional, spiritual, or physical.

Aura Reading Record…. and Reality


Hello, Guiness Book of World Records. If only they found Aura Reading as fascinating as Mr. C. Poovendran’s yoga marathon of 28 hours and 1019 asanas. I set an Aura Reading record in Japan, anyway.

Okay, an Aura Reading record for VOICE, anyway.

Funny Thing About Superbowl Superstars

“It’s a funny thing about those quarterbacks” my husband told me. I had just told him about my upcoming face reading profile for Link.

“The quarterbacks for the Superbowl couldn’t be more different. One dates a supermodel and lives in high society. The other is salt-of-the earth, more like Gomer Pyle.”