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Michael Curry’s Skilled Empath Merge

Michael Curry, Bishop

Michael Curry’s Skilled Empath Merge shows the bishop to be one of the most graced religious leaders in the world today. Gently offering Divine presence, as if offering a communion wafer.

Michael Curry’s Skilled Empath Merge. Why choose him? Because this British Bishop has brought joy to millions.

Ever since he wowed those who viewed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Wedding, I’ve been wanting to research his aura. Aren’t you curious, too?

The Presence of an UNSKILLED Empath, Completed

If you think there are lots of circles in this picture, that's a tiny amount, compared to the problems of unskilled empaths

Do you see lots of circles in this picture? That amount is TEENSY compared to how many problems an unskilled empath can suffer, detracting from personal presence.

Empath Empowerment® is quite simple to learn, one step at a time. But types of suffering that an empath can experience? These are tremendously varied.

Every single empath gift can make life really complicated, until you get empath skills.

And isn’t life today already more complicated than it has ever been in human history?

Just remember, Blog-Buddies, the story of every born empath can always have a happy ending! The trick is to learn those pretty simple skills.

Aura Reading Molecular Empath Yves Béhar

Aura reading of Yves Béhar, Molecular Empath

Aura reading of Yves Béhar, Molecular Empath

Famed industrial designer Yves Béhar has been named in many conversations here at the blog. The Swiss designer is a genius — a word I don’t use lightly. Today let’s read his aura.

Skip down to the bottom of this article for background on energetic literacy and chakra databanks. And what is a molecular empath, anyway? You’ll find that background too.

Incidentally, if any of you face readers would like to do a guest post about him, check out this great physiognomy photo of Yves Béhar .

Fall in Love with Leonardo DiCaprio, an Aura Reading Movie Review for this Oscar Nominee in 2014

Leonardo DiCaprio, ready for his aura reading movie review

Leonardo DiCaprio, ready for his aura reading movie review

Leo Leo DiCaprio didn’t win an Academy Award. Again. He is still such a talented actor. At this blog, an aura reading of his performance was requested more than that of any other nominee for the Academy Awards in 2014.

To learn more about the process I will be using to compare the actor’s aura in the nominated role to the performer’s more usual energy field — that subconscious level of personal transformation that even most world-class actor’s can’t manage, see the recent blog post, Rose Rosetree’s Aura Reading Movie Reviews for Oscar Nominees… and a Contest.

Enlightenment. JOSEFA PEREA Guest Posts

Enlightenment. JOSEFA

Enlightenment. JOSEFA PEREA lives that way now. What does she have to say about higher consciousness?

Enlightenment. JOSEFA PEREA gives us a guest post today about what it’s like for her, living in Age of Awakening Enlightenment.

She just became the 10th member of our Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) community to move onto the Enlightenment Life List.

JOSEFA is one of the skilled empaths from our community to do this. How many of the 10 are empaths? At least 8.


Enlightenment. JOSEFA PEREA Shares

Aura Reading to explore mysteries of Angela Merkel

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


First prize in our Mysterious Aura Reading Contest goes to German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Or, you could say to Blog-Buddies JILL ERIN and RACHEL.

JILL ERIN described the political powerhouse this way:

Extra-credit points from being an empath


For your eyes only, empaths.

Today’s post, Part Three of this series, might make non-empaths jealous.

Hey, that’s only fair. So much of the online conversation about empaths screams “Victim!”

Hanging onto your STUFF, a Guest Post by Jill Erin

Jill Erin Mabie, a molecular empath who is also Enlightened

Blog-Buddies, today’s Guest Post began as JILL’s comment at a popular recent thread at another Guest Post, Cord-cutting at an intersection that changed my life, a Guest Post by Max.

However, this comment was so thought-provoking and thorough, I thought it deserved its own space, easy to access.

Autism Researcher Fred Volkmar

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


Autism is hardly rare. Not today, and especially not among male children. Yale professor Fred Volkmar is a leader in autism research. He is also a molecular empath. Meet him first on this YouTube Video about autism, if you like.


Today’s post explores what makes him so special, courtesy of a Skilled Empath Merge. Created for you Blog-Buddies as an unusual tribute to Mother’s Day, tomorrow’s holiday, since 1 in 100 male American children is born on the autism spectrum. Like the son of a dear friend of mine, Tracy Monson, who actively works as an advocate for autistic kids. Or the daughter of another dear Blog-Buddy, Row Beatty, who is one fast grower.

Molecular Empath Masaaki Hatsumi

Molecular Empath Masaaki Hatsumi

Molecular Empath Masaaki Hatsumi — Learn about what makes him tick

Molecular Empath Masaaki Hatsumi. Today’s Skilled Empath Merge can bring insight into this renowned martial artist and energy healer.

Have you wondered? What does it feel like, being a molecular empath? The totality of that I can’t tell you in so many words, neither my own experiences as a molecular empath nor anyone else’s. However, I can share with you the tasty treat of a Skilled Empath Merge, researching many chakra databanks of the revered Japanese sensei pictured above.

If you like, you could call Hatsumi Masaaki-san the winner of our recent contest about molecular empaths. Or you could call Adam McIntosh the winner, as this healer nominated Hatsumi, the world’s foremost teacher of Ninjutsu, as well as a television celebrity and artist.

Aura reading first, empath merge later

For today’s post, I won’t go into a lot of detail about energetic literacy, aura reading, chakra databanks, Skilled Empath Merge, or other technical aspects of doing aura reading research. You can find info. like that in the links in the previous sentence!

However, first I would like to give you some practical advice. I recommend that you never do a Skilled Empath Merge on anyone unless you (or someone whose aura reading skills you know and trust) has first done an aura reading.

Why? The experience of Skilled Empath Merge is so much more immediate, up close, and personal. You can do both Skilled Empath Merge and aura reading from photographs, so why not start with the less intense experience?

Just because a man is rich and famous, like Masaaki Hatsumi, doesn’t mean  that his aura is necessarily lovely.