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Ethan Hawke Face Reading + Aura Reading

Ethan Hawke's "Mark of Devotion" inspired today's combination of face reading plus aura reading

Ethan Hawke Face Reading includes his “Mark of Devotion”

Ethan Hawke Face Reading. What a great chance to behold a “Mark of Devotion.” Plus other fascinating face data. Even a bit of aura reading, in this post.

At our most popular face reading article, Comment 88, Blog-Buddy Zelda riveted my attention with a recent photo of Ethan Hawke, showing one of the most intense examples of the Mark of Devotion I have seen since beginning the study of physiognomy in 1975. Huge vertical line extending towards his forehead!

Chakra Databanks, Nadis, and Collective Consciousness


In Joy’s Way, Dr. Brugh Joy recounts a famous moment in the history of New Age. As he recounts in “Joy’s Way: A Map for the Transformational Journey,” the physician had begun exploring the energy fields of his patients. Later, browsing in the Bodhi Tree bookstore in Los Angeles, he chanced upon an illustration in a book on Tantra Yoga.

“My God,” he exclaimed aloud, “I have discovered the chakras.”

Why was it a such big deal that the New Age leader had re-discovered the chakras? Here was 10,000-year-old knowledge, from a venerable tradition of Sanskrit speakers. A tradition dominated by Enlightened sages, renunciates who devoted their lives to meticulous study of vibrational frequencies.