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Ethan Hawke Face Reading + Aura Reading

Ethan Hawke's "Mark of Devotion" inspired today's combination of face reading plus aura reading

Ethan Hawke Face Reading includes his “Mark of Devotion”

Ethan Hawke Face Reading. What a great chance to behold a “Mark of Devotion.” Plus other fascinating face data. Even a bit of aura reading, in this post.

At our most popular face reading article, Comment 88, Blog-Buddy Zelda riveted my attention with a recent photo of Ethan Hawke, showing one of the most intense examples of the Mark of Devotion I have seen since beginning the study of physiognomy in 1975. Huge vertical line extending towards his forehead!

Chakra Databanks. What the LA Times Missed.

Chakra Databanks. Rose Rosetree reading them at an expo, back in the New Age years.

Chakra Databanks? Researching them is one of the specialties of RES. When the LA Times reported on a talk I gave, they missed the significance. You don’t have to.

As reported in the Los Angeles Times, I gave a lecture-demonstration at the famed Bodhi Tree Bookstore:

Students “sat in rapt attention “despite white molded plastic chairs for almost two hours, listening to her describe her craft and watching her read the faces and auras of audience members.”