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Empath Merge with Plant Empath Hanna Kroeger

Meet the great herbalist Hannah Kroeger

Meet the great herbalist Hanna Kroeger

Widely acknowledged as one of the greatest herbalists of modern times, which empath gifts did Hanna Kroeger have?

In her winning entry at our Empath Contest Where Everybody Can Win, SUZ described her relationship with Hannah Kroeger:

“She was a well-known and controversial herbal healer who had a shop in Boulder Colorado where I lived for several years. People came from all over to eat in her little cafe and to see her for healing in a little alcove by the big staircase going up to the cafe. She got in trouble several times for “practicing medicine without a license.” But her ways worked when all else failed.

“While waiting in line to go upstairs, you could look right into her healing alcove and see everything she did. Many were the times I saw her standing with her eyes closed and her hands on a customer, determining what was needed, or moving healing energy.

“I was a bit frightened of her because I always felt like she could see everything about me when she looked my way. It felt like quite a probe. I should have gone and met her!”

Skilled Empath Merge with !Empath! George Guidall

George Guidall

George Guidall — not pictured here. He’s more than a mouth. Like the fellow who IS pictured here.

Happy holiday weekend, those who celebrate today as a holiday! I’m celebrating by doing the first of the contest-winning blog posts with a Skilled Empath Merge.

Three Worlds, Chakra Databanks, Nadis

One view of one world.

One view of one world.

On this fine August day, allow me to introduce you to a metaphysical perspective on The Three Worlds.

What, you already knew about the three main vibrational frequencies built into life? Even though two of them are hidden?

Ethan Hawke Face Reading + Aura Reading

Ethan Hawke's "Mark of Devotion" inspired today's combination of face reading plus aura reading

Ethan Hawke Face Reading includes his “Mark of Devotion”

Ethan Hawke Face Reading. What a great chance to behold a “Mark of Devotion.” Plus other fascinating face data. Even a bit of aura reading, in this post.

At our most popular face reading article, Comment 88, Blog-Buddy Zelda riveted my attention with a recent photo of Ethan Hawke, showing one of the most intense examples of the Mark of Devotion I have seen since beginning the study of physiognomy in 1975. Huge vertical line extending towards his forehead!

Chakra Databanks. What the LA Times Missed.

Chakra Databanks. Rose Rosetree reading them at an expo, back in the New Age years.

Chakra Databanks? Researching them is one of the specialties of RES. When the LA Times reported on a talk I gave, they missed the significance. You don’t have to.

As reported in the Los Angeles Times, I gave a lecture-demonstration at the famed Bodhi Tree Bookstore:

Students “sat in rapt attention “despite white molded plastic chairs for almost two hours, listening to her describe her craft and watching her read the faces and auras of audience members.”

Aura Reading Edward Snowden. Guest Post by Jill Erin

Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden is famous these days. Whether you like him or not.

Edward Snowden. Do you like him or loathe him? Chances are, one or the other. New to aura reading, JILL ERIN satisfies her curiosity.

Blog-Buddy JILL ERIN has located a rare, recent photo of Edward Snowden and used it as the basis for an aura reading.