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Banish Thought Form STINK in Recycled Clothes

Banish Thought Form STINK in Used Clothes. For real!

Banish Thought Form STINK in Used Clothes. Take advantage of the trend to sell previously used clothing & handbags.

Energetic cleaning works! Here’s the scoop.

Nordstrom, Macy’s, and other department stores, have started selling them:

New Contest Backstory. Starring Terry Gross

New Contest Backstory

New Contest Backstory. Sometimes disruptive experiences can help you to create something. Especially if you don’t stop to ask for permission.

New Contest Backstory. Just in case you’re curious how I come up with the ideas for contests at this blog.

Sometimes my inspiration can be strange. So far, none has been more annoying — or, in retrospect, funnier — than this.

The Best SELF-HEALING Workshop in Energy Spirituality, this September Only

A workshop for more happiness

A workshop for more happiness

This year’s Spiritual Cleansing and Protection Workshop could be called the “Big STUFF Removal Workshop.”

By any name, it’s a really important resource for energy healing in this Age of Awakening.

I’d have to call it my single most important workshop for self-healing. Ironically this one doesn’t usually come to mind if you’re thinking of taking a workshop in Energy Spirituality.

But if you’re interested in self-healing, it ought to be the first one you think of.

Can you guess why?

Can Rosetree Energy Spirituality heal your negative thoughts?

Just in case you're tempted to compare wayward thoughts to cattle

Just in case you’re tempted to compare wayward thoughts to cattle

Such an appealing idea. Who hasn’t had icky thoughts? Who hasn’t wish they could be neatly removed, like having a dentist excise some grungy old cavity?

Makes me think of the sentimental song from America’s cowboy’s era. In “Home on the Range,” there’s a fanciful notion about living in a place where — evidently — all you need is to have very few people around but plenty of cattle. Then you’ve got it made. “Where seldom is heard a discouraging word.”

Right. 😉

The idea of healing thoughts came up in a side comment at Name Alignment Aura Reading Research, Solving Problems.

Wild rumors can start, based on the very human desire for perfection. Or, at least, having life not be so darned complicated. Good luck with that!

10 Types of STUFF Related to Heroin, Pot, Cocaine and Other Drugs

Betty_Ford,_official_White_House_photo_color,_1974First Lady Betty Ford. By David Hume Kennerly [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.

This photo comes courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. In no way is it implied that the photographer or the subject endorses either me or this use of the image.

Educate yourself through reading today’s list of 10 different forms of subconscious STUFF that may blocking recovery from drug dependency. These 10 Types of STUFF may also stand between you and Enlightenment.

The death of Philip Seymour Hoffman has sparked passionate inquiry into drugs like heroin and cocaine. What do they really do to a person energetically?

London Workshops


It’s newly online.

So if you’re in London, or have like-minded friends in London, details are now available at The College of Psychic Studies for the workshops I’ll offer in Europe this year:

Spiritual Cleansing and Protection, Advance Copies Available Now

Advance copies of “Use Your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection”

“Use Your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection” goes on sale today with advance copies. However, the official Publication Date won’t be until January 2, 2012.

Which means what, exactly?

Quiz Answers, Spiritually Sparkling Skills


What’s more fun for Halloween than two snowmen or six pumpkins? Ah, wisdom!

Educate yourself about psychic coercion, astral entities, negative thought forms, and healing extra-terrestrial entities. You’ll improve your quality of life. Truth is, whether you know about these astral-level problems or not, they are affecting you right now…

Spiritually Sparkling Skills Quiz


Today’s quiz is meant to test your awareness about different types of astral-level STUFF that are effectively removed through the skill set I called “Spiritual Cleansing and Protection” and now call… Spiritually Sparkling® Skills.

Although my annual workshop for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection for 2010 is complete, this important skill set can still be:

  • Learned through phone sessions of Personal Mentoring (the usual 55-minute personal sessions, by appointment)
  • Facilitated for you, one phone session at a time.