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Aura Reading of President Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela, ready for his aura reading

Nelson Mandela, ready for his aura reading

South African President Nelson Mandela has finally succumbed to illness. at age 95. Mandela had become one of the world’s most admired political figures. Legendary and inspiring. Loved currently and sure to be loved for ages to come. Now, mourned.

Did you know the biggest deal, spiritually, about the South African leader?

Although less well known than other great things about Nelson Mandela, you many know something pretty rare and definitely wonderful about the state of consciousness he attained in this lifetime.

Nelson Mandela is included on my Enlightenment Life List, not a great worldly honor but a spiritual one.

Collective Consciousness, What's That?

collective consciousness

Collective consciousness, where each of us counts as a piece of an evolving puzzle.

Collective consciousness — do you know what that means? Since it impacts your life every single day, learning about collective consciousness can help you with personal growth.

Collective consciousness has been mentioned often at this blog. Never before have I dedicated a blog post to defining it. Nor to exploring why collective consciousness is such an important part of my mission, here at “Deeper Perception Made Practical” … and with my healing work in general.

Hmm, collective consciousness is such an important theme, I feel like rolling up my sleeves when getting to work. Except it’s the last day in June, a gorgeous day here in Sterling, Virginia. My shirt has short sleeves, actually.

However, I am choosing to write this blog post rather than putter around in my garden on this gorgeous summer day. So collective consciousness must be important to me. If I succeed at today’s post, collective consciusness will remain — or become — really important to you, too.

Nelson Mandela Face Reading

Nelson Mandela, ready for his face reading

Nelson Mandela, ready for his face reading

Nelson Mandela Face Reading. Let’s honor this great man with a face reading, celebrating one of my heroes. Maybe one of yours, too.

Let’s honor this beautiful being from our Enlightenment Life List. Let’s honor him while he still is alive.

You may know that this world historical figure has a distinguished history with helping to end apartheid, that he served as President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999, and that he now is gravely ill. Born July 18, 1918, he is nearly 94.