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"The NEW Power of Face Reading" shakes up Lithuania

Lithuanian beauty Inga, who stars in my first truly international edition of "The NEW Power of Face Reading"

Lithuanian beauty Inga, who stars in my first truly international edition of “The NEW Power of Face Reading”

May face reading inspire you today! It has been inspiring me.

Today I went over my outline for metro D.C.’s biggest mind-body-spirit event for the rest of this year, the Pathways Expo. Once again, I’m excited to be doing free face readings as part of my morning workshop this Sunday.

Meanwhile, what has arrived here recently? A face reading book in Lithuania that I consider a huge breakthrough. A big deal  in my little history of teaching worldwide about energetic literacy.

The first book of its kind ever

Alma Littera’s face reading book is a first for me, among the 42 foreign literary contracts so far and the translated books in 12 languages besides English.

And maybe it’s a first in some other ways, too.

Face Reading Secrets® Revealed

Face Reading Secrets® are revealed at this thread.

Face Reading Secrets® are revealed here.

Let me educate you about Face Reading Secrets®, a physiognomy system designed to open your heart of compassion. It’s also practical and useful. Face readers, using this system, are pleasantly surprised by the accuracy.

This post began as a free face reading service that I provided for nearly two years. There’s still plenty of face reading fun to enjoy, even though I’m no longer taking requests to teach face reading over the blog.

So do keep reading, both the main article and all the great comments. Reading faces is such a delight! And this particular system is easy to learn.

Face Reading, comparing Hillary Clinton now and as a new First Lady

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


Hillary Clinton is a hero to me. I’ll admit it. I’m prejudiced in her favor.

Was a big fan all the way through. I’ll admit it. I laughed at faux controversy, back in the day, about her headbands and hairstyles. I have admired the former First Lady through thick and thin.

Now that she is in the news with major popular acclaim, having completed an amazingly successful four years as Secretary of State, I watched her farewell news conference at work and was wowed by Hillary Clinton’s aura.

Face Reading Swami Nithyananda

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


Modestly described at the Swami Nityananda website as “the author of more than 300 books published in 27 global languages. Nithyananda has been named among the world’s top 100 most spiritually influential personalities of 2012 by renowned esoteric magazine ‘Mind Body Spirit’ from Watkins.”

His website also describes him as “A spiritual genius with an enlightened insight into everything from management to meditation, from relationships to religion, and from success to spirituality, Nithyananda brings to us a wealth of practical wisdom, meditation techniques, kriyas and tools for lasting inner transformation.

Free face reading on the radio


Yoo-hoo, a link from the future. Here is a link to the archived edition of the Rose Rosetree face reading interview with Rebecca Jernigan. Once the window opens, you will find a link that looks like this: 2013-01-18_JWR-Guest_RoseRosetree_Topic_Face_Readings.mp3 . After you click, wait a bit for it to load. Or just consider that pause a good chance to grab a mirror, so you can see your own face data from time to time, listening to the interview.

The NEW Power of Face Reading, Publication Day


It’s enough to make Anthony smile. Finally a new, updated book is available to help you read the secrets, a brand new how-to on Face Reading Secrets(R).

Here is the only systematic instruction you’ll find in print with the complete how-to’s for becoming adept at face reading. And not just any version of physiognomy, from the 5,000-year history of the art, but a humanistic, practical, accurate, and compassionate way to read faces in depth and detail.

Advance copies of The New Power of Face Reading

Advance copies of “The NEW Power of Face Reading”

Blog-Buddies, this latest face reading book has been such a labor of love. A Nook ebook edition has just come out. Soon the print copies will follow, along with Kindle and Smashwords editions for ebooks. Editions will be added onto today’s post as they become available.