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Either Hypnosis OR Meditation. Know the Difference.


Either an apple OR an orange. Either meditation OR Hypnosis.

Either an apple OR an orange. Either meditation OR Hypnosis.

Many a human tragedy has resulted from confusions around the two very different approaches called either meditation  OR hypnosis.

Warning you of this possible gap in your education so far, I don’t mean to alarm you. Reading this article might even cheer you up. You might better understand past experiences when, guess what? You thought you were learning meditation but were given hypnosis. Or vice versa.

Could it be? Confusing either hypnosis or meditation may have wasted your time or money or worse.

A New NGH-Certified Hypnosis Instructor, Rose Rosetree

Rose Rosetree, NGH-Certified Hypnosis Trainer, ready to celebrate

Yes, Georgina Cannon’s “Train the Trainer” workshop was a success. After five days of insight and skill download, I have emerged with the credentials to teach hypnosis as certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists.

Loads of hypnotists, hypnotherapists, and non-hypnosis professionals teach hypnosis, actually. The more precise part of this shiny new credential is that I will be teaching a method that is the gold standard within the hypnosis profession, certification with the National Guild of Hypnotists.

Hypnosis Quiz, the Answers


Yes, somehow you have guessed! Here come answers to our latest quiz. In a way, this latest quiz has broken a record… for the smallest number of responses ever. (Trust adventurous AMANDA and PRIMROSE to have been the only quiz-takers so far!)

In a way I’m not surprised at the small response. So many people don’t value hypnosis enough. At least on the level of the conscious mind. (Your Inner Self has a very different opinion, undoubtedly. More on that later.)

Face Reading the Renowned Hypnotist Larry Garrett

Annette Bening Aura Reading


Just because you like this guy so much, chances are, after he walks in the room, you will close your eyes.

Larry Garrett is the kind of person you would want to hypnotize you. Thousands have paid him to hypnotize them and survived extremely nicely.

Many have returned as clients year after year. Here’s the career statistic that tells it all about Larry Garrett: Fully booked healer  (averaging 30+ clients per week)… for the last 20 years.