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Aura Reading a Great Man You Never Heard of, Jim Bradford

Strong on the outside, how strong on the inside?

Strong on the outside, how strong on the inside?

Heroes live among us. Mostly we can’t tell.

  • Not unless we pay attention to what they do, in human reality. (Sometimes newspapers can broaden our reach.)
  • Or unless you use some of your Twenty Minutes of Daily Technique Time, Tops… to read that person’s aura or do Skilled Empath Merge or face reading.

Today I received a superb invitation to learn about a great man. It didn’t come by owl. No, the invite showed up in my morning newspaper, Metro Section of The Washington Post. The headline read, “Jim Bradford, 84. From Library of Congress to Olympic Weightlifting.”

Face Reading of Bode Miller, Outrageous Olympic Skier

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


Mega-talented people fascinate me. You, too? One great thing about them is that the deeper your perception, the more individualistic and fascinating they become.

Reading today’s Washington Post, I was about to toss the Sports Section into my “Save for husband” pile when something about Bode Miller’s photo caught my eye.

I didn’t do face reading on him, not at first, because face reading is a choice, not a compulsion. (You knew that, right? The most common question asked by newbies goes, “I’m scared to read faces. Once you start, you can’t stop. Isn’t that so?”) But then….

Aura Readings of Dara Torres

Abigail Breslin Aura Reading


What, she just won two more Olympic medals? Now? After she, Dara Torres, already had won nine?

Seriously, two silver medals for racing in the water? Now? When Dara Torres is age 41?

Who would expect this from an athlete turned swimsuit model? Such an upstart! And where is the fairness? This swimmer who set her first world record when she was just 14, and she’s been given two medals more, now, at 41?

Aura Readings and Empath-Merge of Roger Federer

Abigail Breslin Aura Reading


As requested, here comes the latest in our series of aura readings of athletes. Bring on the energy field of sumptuous tennis star Roger Federer. (To find his recent face reading, click here.)

Modeling for you Blog-Buddies what it means to use skill as an empath, I will tell you the precise point in today’s reading when (and if) I decide that it is safe for me to also do an empath-merge on the man.

Face Readings of Roger Federer

Abigail Breslin Aura Reading


Tennis readings, anyone? Let’s make those face readings of Roger Federer, said to be the best tennis player in the history of the sport.  And let’s thank Betsy and Anonymous for entering him into my Olympic Reading Contest!

We’ll use my system of Face Reading Secrets(R) to interpret some of the most distinctive face data on fascinating Federer.

Contest Reminder: One More Day


Olympics Watchers, I can spot you by your huge muscles. Or by reading your inspired auras. Or maybe just by the bags under your eyes, as you stay up really late to watch those crazy-fascinating sporting events.

Am I the only one who finds any Olympic contest to be a three-hankie event? And the actual awarding of gold medals, that’s got to be a minimum of five hankies for you, too, right?

Just a reminder here. The contest here is open until tomorrow, August 18, at midnight: Free aura readings of Olympic athletes.

Face Reading Michael Phelps at Olympics 2008

Who is Michael Phelps? A face reading shows exceptional talent.

Who is Michael Phelps? A face reading shows exceptional talent.

“Phelps Is Now Without Peer” cheers today’s headline in The Washington Post, and if that weren’t reason enough to choose him for face reading today, there would be Anita’s fine nomination in our ongoing contest, where she supplied three excellent photo links. (To add your fave, click here.)

Once upon a time, it was enough to swim well enough to win a gold medal. Or, perhaps, if you were truly ambitions and lucky, you would manage to break a world record. Phelps, at 23, has set a new standard, enough to cause much gnashing of teeth among aspiring record breakers. Why bother with reading faces, contemplating the greatness of Phelps? Isn’t it enough to reel off the amazing statistics?

Contest for Olympics: Aura Readings, Also Reading Faces


Blog-Buddies, those fascinating Olympics are upon us. So many people to read and so little time… unless one wanted to make watching the games a full-time job.

Which athlete interests you most? Choose your fave. Then, please, provide a link to a straight-on photo, showing the face and throat (at a minimum) of your favorite and say why you’re interested in this particular athlete.

Aura Readings of Sprinter/Amputee Oscar Pistorius



What, do aura readings of a double amputee? Of course, I’m game. The amputee is a South African runner who just set a historic precedent, having won permission to compete in the Olympics. Judges decided that the J-shaped feet on his prosthetics do not give him a significant advantage over other runners.

Advantage? Duh! I’ve known just one person who had this operation, his