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Aura Reading Movie Review Starring Marion Cotillard in "Two Days, One Night"

Marion Cotillard, ready for her aura reading movie review

Marion Cotillard, ready for her aura reading movie review

Glamorous French actress Marion Cotillard may not have taken a pay cut to play “Sandra” in her Oscar-nominated role. Apparently though, her performance was absolutely convincing as an impoverished factory worker.

Let’s explore with some aura reading research on the previous Oscar winner for Best Actress. (You’ll find more background about aura reading movie reviews at the end of today’s article.)

Get ready for today’s Aura Reading Movie Review

The Film: “Two Days, One Night” 

The Movie Trailer: I haven’t seen it (or the movie itself) but YOU can.

Plot Summary from the Oscar’s Official Website:

Aura Reading Movie Reviews Begin with Oscar Nominee Michael Keaton in "Birdman"

Michael Keaton, ready for his  aura reading movie review

Michael Keaton, ready for his aura reading movie review

Energetic literacy research as film criticism — here it starts for Academy Awards in 2015.

Did you know? World-class actors are able to do something few humans can.

Sometimes an Oscar nominee will change so deep down, when creating a role, that the transformation shows subconsciously and energetically. One chakra databank after another is altered.

Usually chakra databanks tell the truth. So it’s really fascinating to find which actor succeeds that deeply.

Even the best actors don’t always do this. I have an annual custom of comparing auras of top-nominated actors with their auras in roles. It’s a way to investigate the depth of acting.

Okay, it’s also just plain fascinating.

This blog post will tell you more about my method of using energetic literacy for aura reading film criticism. To learn more about the sequence of research I’ll use this year on some of the most interesting Academy Award nominees, see this Aura Reading Film Critique blog post.

Blog-Buddies, read along with me, using the photos supplied here — the same ones I used as a basis for aura reading research. Or, if you simply saw the movie — which was way more jarring than I had expected from reviews read in advance — comment away, please.

Aura Reading Movie Review Starring Quvenzhané Wallis

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


After the Academy Awards broadcast last night, over a billion people saw that Quvenzhané Wallis didn’t win the Oscar for Best Actress. And so what?

Quvenzhané Wallis has so many claims to fame. Besides mega-cuteness, an Oscar nomination, and automatically winning an Oscar nominee swag bag worth $45,000….

Quvenzhané is the only nominee — or even attendee — to have worn her “trademark puppy purse” to the fancy ceremony.

Aura Reading Movie Review Starring Bradley Cooper

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


Fit? Sure, we could call Bradley Cooper “fit.” Some call him “The Sexiest Man Alive.” Some of the people who call Bradley Cooper “The Sexiest Man Alive” work for People Magazine.

So, okay, we’ll include aura research on sexiness… just a bit… in today’s aura reading movie review.

On Bradley or ANYONE… if you ever want to know about sex appeal, sexual integrity, sexual fidelity, or plenty more, you could go the time-hallowed route of first date, second date, etc.

But why wait? Even in advance of that first date, you could learn how to read chakra databanks related to sex. All in a day’s work when you have developed the life skill of full energy literacy!

Naomi Watts Aura Reading Movie Review

Naomi Watts, ready for her aura reading movie review

Naomi Watts, ready for her aura reading movie review

Naomi Watts Aura Reading Movie Review. She did great at the box office, even scored an Academy Award Nomination. Which secrets does aura reading tell us?

Although she’s such a sparkler, that Naomi Watts! It would be tempting to bypass energy literacy and just think, “Such a sparkler!”

Yet you can be sure she is a serious artist, like any of the artists nominated this year for an Academy Award for Best Actor or Best Actress. And it is my delight, doing this latest Aura Reading Movie Review, to explore whether Naomi Watts has managed to make her aura lie.

Aura Reading Movie Review Starring Denzel Washington

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


Dreamy Denzel is the first Academy Award Nominee being researched in 2013 for our annual Aura Reading Movie Reviews. I greatly enjoy this year’s photo of Denzel with a gorgeous younger woman. We’re all used to seeing celebrity couples where the woman is young enough to be the man’s daughter. Well, this time it really is Denzel Washington’s daughter.

Olivia is an aspiring actress. At 22, she is the famous actor’s daughter, not his latest hottie. While Denzel Washington’s wife is 62.

Personally, I’m ready to give Mr. Washington an award just for Celebrity Sanity.

Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe, Aura Reading the Oscar Nominated Role

Annette Bening Aura Reading

Marilyn Monroe — that’s hardly an easy part to play. Michelle Williams has done an extraordinary job of looking like Marilyn. Besides seeing some of the photos, and I have heard a sound clip of her doing a fascinating approximation/interpretation of Marilyn singing. But where will you find the aura reading research, going all the way down to chakra databanks?


Each year, I like to celebrate Oscar nominations by doing a special kind of aura reading. Stage Three Energetic Literacy makes it easy to research auras in detail, based on regular photographs. Choosing chakra databanks of greatest relevance, I will be comparing three different photos. Read along with me, Blog-Buddies, if you wish.

Empath Merge with Colin Firth, a Guest Post by Elaine

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


Blog-Buddy Elaine has done such a great job of doing Skilled Empath Merges with various Oscar nominees. Here is her last of the series. She used her favorite technique for this safe, profound kind of experience, “Magic Picture” from my more recent how-to book for empaths, Become the Most Important Person in the Room [now updated for the Age of Awakening as Empath Empowerment in 30 Days]
Energetic literacy is great for gathering information. But it’s especially enjoyable to investigate chakra databanks of someone who is spiritually Enlightened. As many of you Blog-Buddies know, Colin Firth is one of the fewer than hundred people (so far) on my Enlightenment Life List.

Empath Merge with Jesse Eisenberg, a Guest Post by Elaine

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


Here comes one more treat, courtesy of Skilled Empath Elaine. We know, by now, that the young actor didn’t win Best actor, not this time anyway.

What does it mean, in the grand scheme of things, to receive a non-trophy Skilled Empath Merge from our Blog-Buddy Elaine? A lot. (At least in my grand scheme. Consider how few

James Franco, Aura Reading #9 for 2011 Oscar Nominees

Annette Bening Aura Reading


In “127 Hours”, James Franco portrays Aron Ralston, a lone hiker who becomes trapped when his arm is pinned by a boulder. Yum, just the kind of movie I would never, ever voluntarily see.

Hey, I’m game for aura readng research anyhow. So here goes.

Are you ready to join me? Do you know what on earth I mean by terms like “energetic literacy” and “chakra databank”? If not, take a look at this introductory post about movie reviews with energetic literacy.