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How Wise Is It to Speculate About Past Lives?

Curious about your past lives?

Curious about your past lives?

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  • “Maybe Caitlin Jenner is transgendered because most of her past lives were female.”
  • “I’m sure I haven’t lived on earth for a very, very long time.”
  • “Two different psychics have told me about my past lives. Because they both told me the same kind of thing, I’m positive that what they told me is true.”

What do these ideas about past lives have in common?

Can you cut a cord of attachment to past lives?


The question came in from a smart and curious reader, “Jasmine.” If you believe in past lives, you may have wondered the same thing: What happens to all your cords of attachment to the people you have known before?

And if you cut a cord of attachment to “Joe,” whom you know in this lifetime, what about all the times you have known him as Jane or Jake or Josephine or Jeremiah or Jingles? Could you be very efficient and just cut ’em all at one time?