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Friendship Potentials, Age of Awakening

Friendship Potentials

Friendship Potentials are different now. Hint: It’s pretty hard to find a photo of friends together that DOESN’T display the outdated items that shows in today’s photo. Can you spot them? (See Comment 1.)

Friendship Potentials! Learn 10 ways to build a better social life in The Age of Awakening. Because great change can bring you great opportunity.

Already we’ve begun to explore “Changing Friendships in the Age of Awakening.” Now it’s time for Part Two of this series.

Friendship Potentials 1. Spiritual Evolution Is Crazy-Variable Now

Pay the Price. Top 10 Posts.

Pay the price. It's a spiritual requirement here at Earth School.

Pay the price. This Top 10 list helps you develop discernment on your path of personal growth.

“Pay the price” — what does that mean. Often there’s a hidden, spiritual price. It’s hidden.

Yes, of course, life is designed for personal growth. This Top 10 article helps you explore what it means, spiritually, to “pay the price.”

In this context, spiritual discernment means this: Learn to tell the difference between Earth School and Heaven. Like it or not, we mortals must pay a price for just about everything we get. A hidden price. Not just 10 times but 10 x 10 and more.

Why must we always pay a price? Well, hello! Because this is a Learning Planet.

Admittedly I was surprised when this Top 10 topic gathered momentum.

Are You Willing to Pay the Price Spiritually? Perspective from RES.

As long as you're human, usually you will have to pay a price for what you get

As long as you’re human, usually you will have to pay a price for what you get.

Today I’d like to officially set in motion a new theme at this blog: Pay the Price. My perspective comes from sessions facilitated with Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES).

RES  is a mind-body-spirit field that helps people solve problems with energy READING skills and energy HEALING skills that work especially well in the Age of Energy. Two of my specialties as an RES practitioner are Empath Coaching (with the system of Empath Empowerment®) and Enlightenment Coaching (helping people to move into Householder Enlightenment and also continue rapid spiritual evolution after crossing that threshold).

Helping people to pay the price has come up in all four of these areas. Why?