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Three Ways to Find Peace Right Now

Ever wonder why doves, not elephants, are symbols of peace?

Ever wonder why doves, not elephants, are symbols of peace?

It has arrived, with perfect timing, our January 1, 2016.

Don’t you love having a new start?

One of the things you might enjoy about 2016 is having more peace.

The Opposite of Drama in Your 2016

Funny thing about peace. It doesn’t clobber you over the head. Peace is something gentle that you can find.

You can find it today. You can find some of it right now. Human-type peace.

10 Best Soul Research Articles

Best 10 Soul Research Articles

10 Best Soul Research Articles. Are you curious, spiritually? Would you like to receive more guidance from your own soul?

10 Best Soul Research Articles. Learn about your soul’s purpose here and now. How it shows up in your life. Blog highlights to help you live better!

Each of the 10 blog articles selected for you aims to help you better understand the role of guidance. Co-creating with Divine help. Rather than asking astral-level spirits to guide you. 

A Contest to Celebrate 27,000+ Comments at the Blog

'Tis the season to be jolly and start a new contest.

‘Tis the season to be jolly and start a new contest.

‘Tis the season to be jolly — for so many of us, for so many reasons.

Yesterday I discovered that 27,000 comments had snuck up on us here at “Deeper Perception Made Practical.” As of now, we’re actually up to 27,039.

Thanks so much to every one of you who has been commenting here… spreading the word about this blog and RES… sharing this very Post-New-Age kind of path.

Definitely, I want to thank you.

What Is a Fitting Way to Celebrate?

I think it’s time for a new contest.

What Is the Point of Personal Growth? For You. For Anyone.

What is the point of personal development? For you. For anyone.

What is the point of personal development? For you. For anyone.

A passionate question came to this blog today, over at Perspective on the Sex Scandals of Great Enlightened World Gurus.

New commenter at this blog, SINDWA KANYIMBA, asked this:

“From your article, I conclude that being enlightened does not make one to be more morally upright and does not build ethic.

“If so, it’s of no use and I see no need to pursue practices leading to enlightenment.

“Most of these gurus were meditators. This to me implies meditation does not make one a better person in society.

“Why the hype on the benefits of meditation since it does not confer high moral/ethical standards?”

Let’s try this experiment, Blog-Buddies. How about YOU answer this, one comment at a time?

Cleaning up Jim's Apartment. Improved by Cutting a Cord of Attachment.

Cutting a cord of attachment helps people solve human-type problems.

Cutting a cord of attachment helps people solve human-type problems.

Right after his session with me, Jim picked up the pen and paper used for making notes. Then he put them away.

Not until the next day did Jim consciously think… “Hey, I cleaned up after myself.”

Not until his next session with me did Jim consciously notice… “I have been cleaning up after myself for weeks.” There had been none of his annoying same old, same old:  “I’m not in the mood. I’ll do it later.”

Well guess what? Jim’s intention for our session had been “To find it easier to clean up after myself.”

What did the trick?

Good Habits and Divine Grace. Lessons from My Garden

Mother's Day in Sterling, Virginia

Mother’s Day in Sterling, Virginia

Spring around here is almost inexpressibly lovely. In this part of Northern Virginia, little houses like mine have gardens — some fairly elaborate, others exuberantly wild in their neglect, and mine somewhat in-between.

Lately I’ve been kept busy adoring the lilacs. Even more than the tulips and daffodils and crocuses. Maybe. (Well, maybe not. I’m kind of an equal opportunity Garden Mom.)

When my five — yes five — pregnant peony plants pop open I will be in gardener’s ecstasy.

Still, I’m thinking a bit ahead to the summer. Yesterday I bought a tomato plant, marigolds and basil.

Although usually so dependable, my old rosemary and sage plants didn’t make it through our harsh winter, so I bought new ones and have planted them, too.

Long story short, Friday was the grand Purchasing and Planting Ceremony. Which meant that I used a garden hose for the first time all year.

From the Romance of the Astral into Self-Authority. A guest post from ISABELLE

Anyone can shift from loving The Romance of the Astral to a more human-based spirituality.

Anyone can shift from loving The Romance of the Astral… to living with a more human-based spirituality.

Each person’s human journey is so fascinating. Today Blog-Buddy ISABELLE shares the saga of her moving forward in human-based spirituality, celebrating her humanity and self-authority. I have added just headings, links, and the occasional edit for clarity.

Incidentally, you can learn about The Romance of the Astral from this earlier post.

For me, what was The Romance of the Astral?

Well, I had a very romantic relationship with the astral, and for a long time.

This lasted just until last year, when I felt so stuffed by all that astral-level “nutrition” (which I always had thought was healthy and important).

Overcoming challenges in the Age of Aquarius, a guest post by DON

Big congratulations. Human-sized congratulations.

Big congratulations. Human-sized congratulations.

Has anyone congratulated you lately? Well, you deserve it, just getting through the day.

Because these days are being lived in the still-newish Age of Aquarius, when all humans must adjust to the thinning of the veil. It’s all too easy now, moving deeply into astral experience (a.k.a. subconscious frequencies), which can throw us off our game — the game of being human. Energetically the world is different now.

Wars and financial upheavals compound the adjustment needed, due to the new astral dazzle.

Even biologically, we’re having to adapt. As a wise chiropractor was telling me today, the sheer number of chemicals each of us deals with on a daily basis has increased exponentially since the 1980’s. This is being processed by us all the way down to the cellular level.

The relevance of Rosetree Energy Spirituality at a time of civil unrest. A guest post by STEPHANIE THOMAS

Stephanie Thomas, committed to more social justice and more spiritual evolution

Stephanie Thomas, committed to more social justice and also more spiritual evolution

To everyone reading, I am the “GLADYS” referenced in ROSE’s recent article here, What can you and I do at a time of racial injustice in America? I feel it is vitally important to speak about the relevance of Rosetree Energy Spirituality during this time of civil unrest.

Huge kudos, Rose, for addressing current events with such clarity, grace. Thanks for demonstrating what effective human-based spirituality looks like in real-world ways. I appreciate your adding perspective on these recent events of civil unrest in America.

Pejoratives about the way people look, which gender they seem to be, who they choose to be in relationship with, and which religious practices they do or do not espouse…

This accounts for so much violence and self-destruction throughout human history.

All of that is, ultimately, cased by each prejudiced person’s STUFF.

In Rosetree Energy Spirituality, we have this motto:  STUFF can always, always, always be healed.

With STUFF permanently healed and a stronger soul expression, our actions and behaviors improve. This can move us forward as a culture in positive directions so that the militarization of our municipal police forces does not wreak dire consequences for us all.

In this Age of Energy we are presented with special opportunities to apply intelligence and well-being to improve objective reality. We can do this in ways that celebrate the supreme power and perfect love of The Divine. But first, we have to experience that power and love in ourselves. Afterwards we can act on it.

Consciousness Lifestyle #4. Aura reading of Maryam Mirzakhani in Enlightenment

Genius can unfold like a huge beach umbrella

Genius can unfold like a huge beach umbrella

Consciousness Lifestyles — let’s conclude our series with some inspiration.

No mere abstraction, Consciousness Lifestyle creates big consequences for how we live, how rapidly we evolve, the friends we make… even the version of reality that we live in.

Consciousness Lifestyle #4 is Enlightenment, a state of consciousness we often explore here at the blog, including my personal Enlightenment Life List.

Maryam Mirzakhani may already be familiar to you Blog-Buddies, thanks to previous articles Face Reading Mathematician Maryam Mirzakhani, Part One and Face Reading Fiesta with Mathematician Maryam Mirzakhani, Concluded.

While doing the research for these articles, I paused to do an aura reading technique and hooray! I received that delightful surprise of encountering someone who was living in a clearer reality than passes for normal, currently, here on Earth School.

Perhaps, in our lifetimes, Enlightenment will become the new “normal.” Meanwhile, it is a delight to research this new member of my Enlightenment Life List.