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Trump as Spiritual King? First Discovery, Auric Overlay

Trump as Spiritual King?

Trump as Spiritual King? Did you know that millions of Americans believe in Trump as the second coming of Christ?

Trump as Spiritual King? Sure, the idea may seem ludicrous, preposterous, revolting. Or to use a technical term, coo-coo.

And yet many Evangelicals now consider the Donald to be the Second Coming of Christ. More on that later in this article.

But first, aura reading to the rescue. The sanity rescue! Because energetic literacy tells us the truth about people. For instance, what’s really going on with Trump, spiritually.

Anna Netrebko Aura Reading. Personality Projections

Anna Netrebko Aura Reading

Anna Netrebko Aura Reading aims to show you the sweetness of this radiant Russian performer

Anna Netrebko Aura Reading — here’s a follow-up to the recent aura reading of Dmitri Hvorostovsky.

Today I’ll aim to answer a couple more Curiosity Questions.

How the Meek Shall Inherit the Earth


“The meek shall inherit the earth.” Surely you’ve heard these words since you were young.

Who are the meek, exactly?

The poor? Not necessarily. For starters, “the meek” can be the humble-hearted,  as in, “I may know better than others sometimes but gawrsh, I’d better hide that and not make waves.”