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Creative Living Empath Merge. LIANE'S Prize, Concluded

Creative Living Empath Merge

Creative Living Empath Merge — let’s end the suspense today!

Creative Living Empath Merge on LIANE? That’s just got to be fun. But, in this case, also a chance to end some suspense. Because, really…

The little girl in Part One of this comparison Creative Living Empath Merge — she was having such a hard time. What has grownup LIANE created, courtesy of her own magnificent free will?

Surprise, Enlightenment!

Chiming in. An Enlightenment Surprise!


Enlightenment could be your destiny! When it comes, will Enlightenment surprise you?

Blog-Buddies, are you loving this spring? Gardeners like me nearly drool with delight.

In the spirit of springtime, I’d like to share some of the latest statistics and facts about the fun world of energetic literacy and Rosetree Energy Spirituality.

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Beware fake faces, aura reading shows why

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


Once upon a time it was shocking. Rene Magritte made a painting of a pipe and captioned it, right on the canvas, “This is not a pipe.”

Was it or wasn’t it? You decided for yourself.

We still can, only the stakes have been raised beyond the surreal. Is Fox Cable News “Fair and balanced” or just the opposite? Can faces of beloved celebrities — most female celebrities over age 30 seen in America, actually — can those faces be trusted as quite human? Or has cosmetic surgery taken them to a whole new level, more like part- human, part-robot?