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Face Reading Parade. A Contest to Inspire.

Face Reading Parade

Face Reading Parade. May it inspire you.

Face Reading Parade. Every day, you and I march in a parade of faces. But meaning is lacking.

Not now, though. Our latest contest is meant to inspire you.

Just think of our most recent post, Face Reading Treat. Thank you, Jessica and Derek Simmons. Both the faces in our tale of everyday heroism… were perfect. How did these two people possess exactly the leadership needed?

Face reading their soul-level characteristics helped make it clear.

Face Reading Treat. Thank you, Jessica and Derek Simmons.

Face Reading Treat — that’s what you deserve today, Blog-Buddies. And you’re going to get one. In fact, you’ll get four.

As I use physiognomy skills to celebrate good Samaritans Jessica and Derek Simmons. (You’ll face no rip current, either. Although you might need a hankie.)

First, some backstory.

Eight swimmers nearly perished yesterday. Swimming at a Florida beach. Where there was no lifeguard. After a riptide pulled these unsuspecting body surfers into the waves.

Face Reading David Sedaris, Concluded

More face reading of one of my favorite writers, David Sedaris

More face reading of one of my favorite writers, David Sedaris

Mysteries of the face continue to be explored, for us consciousness explorers who are face readers. And if you’re a fan of David Sedaris, that’s so great because the man throws out a Facade Body that practically makes your eyes turn away. (Has he been playing with Patanjali’s invisibility sutra or what?)

Yet an intrepid face reader like you are me can still find the mysteries, undetered by appearances. Ironic, I know.

That’s what physiognomy does for a person, however. Through seeing the face clearly and interpreting the data compassionately, you do see beyond appearances.

Face Reading Frances Gerety

Face reading advertising superstar Frances Garety

Face Reading Frances Gerety, Advertising Superstar

Face Reading Frances Gerety. Learn about the most influential woman you’ve never met. Responsible for all those diamond engagement rings you see in American women.

So many engagement rings! So many diamonds! WHY?

Because of “Diamonds are forever.” And who started that meme? Frances Gerety!

Face reading quiz. What is wrong with this picture?

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


Since face reading is a live topic for us these days, Blog-Buddies, I wondered if you might enjoy critiquing some photos. Little photos A,B,C,D. Is each of these good for physiognomy or what?

The power of face reading, NEW or otherwise, is too useful to confine only to people we meet in person. Reading faces, you will surely want to extend your skills to become a Physiognomist of Photos.

So today, Dame Maggie Smith and Bono join our fun with face reading. Check out their physiognomy photos and share your opinion. Are these pictures useful for reading faces or not so much? (The power of face reading, with photos, does have a great deal with how suitable that photograph is in the first place.)

Please use the COMMENTS box below to give your ideas. Hint: This quiz is more sophisticated than you might think. Maybe a photo is good for one thing, bad for others, physiognomy-wise. So have some fun with this first quiz of 2013.

Bono from U2 is pictured as Photo A.
Click on this Bono Physiognomy Photo link to see the face reading photograph.

Face Reading Mark Zuckerberg


Best Celebrity Aura Readings


What a week for the Facebook co-founder. First the surprise wedding. Reportedly it astonished the 100 guests at a little party that turned out to be much more.

Then the stock offering of Facebook.

Then the downward slide of his stock in its first few IPO days.

Face Reading Malcolm Gladwell

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


Malcolm Gladwell, an amazing New Yorkerish writer, is almost frightening in his relentless pursuit of truth. This incisive thinker and crisp prose stylist is known for Outliers, Blink, and The Tipping Point. Would he welcome a face reading article?Maybe not. What’s the closest the great Mr. Gladwell has come to reporting on face reading, the 5,000-year-old art of physiognomy?

Face Reading Bill Hicks, Chosen by Contest Winner Amy

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


It’s official. Comedian Bill Hicks is/was really, really funny. And I wouldn’t have known a thing about this amazing, courageous performer except that AMY O’ROURKE gave a great introduction to him when entering our recent contest, Face Reading One of Your Heroes. So thank you, AMY, on behalf of all of us Blog-Buddies who love to laugh. (And also read faces.)

AMY did an outstanding job in that contest entry. Check out her Comment 3, loaded with juicy details and perfect photo links. YouTube links are provided as well! To read along with me, open up this link. Copy it. Expand it. Unless you expand this picture, you won’t be able to see the details clearly enough to recognize the face reading data, the basis for using the system of Face Reading Secrets(R).

Face Reading of Enlightened Tom Hanks, Part 2

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


Let’s continue our Face Reading comparison of Tom Hanks in 2010 versus in 1989. You’ll find loads of background and basics about the 5,000-year-old art of physiognomy — and the energetic literacy system of Face Reading Secrets(R) on our previous post.

Face Reading, How Enlightened Tom Hanks Changed

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


Tom Hanks has it made. Apart from the usual great stats about this multi-Oscared, multi-talented, multi-mega-rich celebrity, he’s #79 on our Enlightenment Life List. He’s #19 on our Empath Life List. And, man oh man, has his face ever changed in ways that cry out for the full Face Reading treatment.

What fun, then, to compare Tom Hanks’ face of 21 years ago with a more current version. And first off, let’s give Hanks credit that he dares show Hollywood and the rest of the world his real face —  not some vanity surgeon’s version that makes so many stars look as if they’re ready for their close-up… with the taxidermist.