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Human or Psychic or Divine — Quiz Yourself about Vibrational Frequencies

How trippy do you need your life to be, vibrationally?

How trippy do you need your life to be, vibrationally?

Answering this quiz can help you to move forward more rapidly on your personal path, improving love relationships, friendships, family relationships, and self-esteem.

Also you may find improvement at making money, success, enjoying your work life, gaining more respect from others.

Why could it help you so much, responding to this quiz, then reading the follow-up article that supplies answers?

Living after The Shift into the Age of Aquarius, what you do with your consciousness matters enormously. Vague ideas can really create problems now, because awareness flows so rapidly between astral, human, and Divine.

Most of us are finding it easy to understand the difference between psychic-level experiences and spiritual-level experience. Once we think of things in terms of vibrational frequencies. Before then , uh-oh. Sorting things out can be way confusing.

Age of Energy, The Shift

Yoo-hoo, objective reality. Hellllloooooooo.

Age Energy Shift. Hellllloooooooo.

Age Energy Shift — that happened 12/21/12. Now that we’re in The Age of Awakening, are we going to adjust badly or well? Let me help you adjust WELL.

Position your consciousness the effortless way? Of course you can how learn to do this. That’s the point of today’s article.

Hint: For best results, no effort will be required. And, definitely, no willpower.

Hey, what does “Position your consciousness” mean, anyway? Why would it matter? To put it bluntly:

Do You Wish to Live From Your Deepest Self?


Blog-Buddies, on this Christmas Eve, what is the greatest gift you can give yourself? Position your consciousness in a way that really helps you. Avoid paths that sound fabulous… but deliver nightmares in real human life.

Below is my latest article for Pathways Magazine to start you thinking. “Pathways” makes each current issue available online, as well as delivering those thousands of delightful old-fashioned print copies in health food stores, healers’ offices, and the like. Free copies of a quality magazine, wow! But neither is interactive like this blog.