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Does Trust Change in Enlightenment? a Guest Post from JILL


How does JILL handle trust? Is it all about staying positive, as so many people have been taught in New Age?

  • So many hard-working spiritual seekers today are working diligently to stay positive, avoid negative people, identify psychic vampires and narcissists.
  • Or is it more as Fundamentalist Christians feel, knowing they have been saved, so nothing can hurt them now? (And yet perpetually wary of being tricked by Satan.)
  • In my work with clients, I continue to meet folks who have developed a spiritual addiction related to guidance, whether healers or seekers or Christians or New Agers.

On a cosmic day, praise of disgust


If this year will have a single day to inspire the numerologists and mystics, surely it is today: 1/11/11.

Okay, some may be holding out for 11/11/11. But I’ll take my mystical bliss where I find it. And I finally got to start writing this post at 12:12 p.m. How extra-cosmic is that?

On this day, I’d like to celebrate good old human life, leading off with praise of disgust.