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Pathways Expo April 2, 2017. 5 Fun Reasons to Come.

Pathways Expo Rose Rosetree

Pathways Expo fun with Rose Rosetree and a brand new workshop.

The Pathways Expo, metro D.C.’s semi-annual extravaganza of personal growth — come join us for so many reasons.

Next weekend. April 2, 2017 is the date. You’ll find my Booth #78 is ridiculously easy to find.

Here are five fabulous reasons to attend the premier New Age (and, in my case, Post-New-Age) Expo.

Pathways Expo Fun #1. A Brand New Talk

Post-Truth? Find Truth!

Caring People of Earth

caring people

Any evergreen tree can remind you how all of us humans, deep down, are caring people.

Caring people. That’s us.

Gotta love us humans. We’re not always too bright, nor too spiritually awake. Logic is seldom our strong point. However, just about every one of us cares about people. Caring about people other than ourselves — that is so very human.

You Blog-Buddies care, for instance. I know so many of you, and you care deeply about people. Moreover, you care based on principle, not only sentiment. In addition to caring about people, don’t you also care about principles and knowledge, integrity and spiritual growth? What a magnificent combo!

Valuing the truth comes naturally to you, since you have experienced some degree of spiritual awakening. And that informs what you happen to care about. Because, as a wise man once said, “Knowledge is structured in consciousness.”

Did you know this inspiring truth about the distinctive specialty of Earth School?

Truth Light. What You Can Do During the Trump Years.

Truth light. Let yours shine every day.

Truth light. Let yours shine every day.

Truth Light is a form of spiritual volunteer work. Can you take two minutes a day to help send the light of spiritual truth into America and the world? Because if you are, today I will teach you one way to do that.

Three things got me thinking about this. And then I had one Aha! about this form of spiritual volunteer work.

Blog-Buddies, first I will to tell you about these three WHYs. Then I’ll share with you the simple WHAT.