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Shocking Empath Recommendation. Gain More Empowerment.

Shocking Empath Recommendation

Shocking Empath Recommendation concerns… two books I’ve withdrawn from publication.

Shocking Empath Recommendation. You’ll read it here, and not just from some casual dabbler in empath advice. But, rather, from an empath who teaches the only trademarked system for empaths in the United States, Empath Empowerment®.

Of course you deserve to receive sound advice, and to gain effective skills. And that’s why I hope you’ll consider my shocking recommendation in today’s post.

Historical Notes. (They May Make You Smile.)

Historical Notes

Historical Notes. Three innovations in RES aim to hit the truth target.

Historical Notes. Greetings from Santa’s Workshop!

At least that’s how it feels today. Let me update you on three of the latest happenings. Starting to impact you Blog-Buddies, who care most about Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES). Eventually maybe impacting others as well.

Time will tell. Meanwhile, I’ll simply jot down a few notes. Celebrating RES history.

Heath Ledger, Face Reading

Heath Ledger, Face Reading. Granted, for today’s post, this photo of a HEATH is about as close as I could get to an authorized photo of the popular star who died young.

Heath Ledger, Face Reading. Let’s celebrate the superstar with a fresh look at his famously endearing face.

Heath Ledger died young. While still handsome and cute. At the peak of his acting career. Or, at least, the start of it.

True to his romantic name, this real-life Healthcliff charmed many a moviegoer. Especially noteworthy, of course, was his performance in “Brokeback Mountain.” Not to mention the romance in all the acting awards he won posthumously!

Online Dating, Crooked Smiles

Online Dating, Crooked Smiles

Online Dating, Crooked Smiles. How to do advance research before you swipe right on Tinder.

Online Dating, Crooked Smiles. Let’s learn something from Face Reading Secrets® that you can start using today.

Because lately I’ve done a lot of sessions to help clients with online dating. Seems like it gives folks a real advantage, learning to read people deeper. Especially from photographs.

Ears! Face Reading Fun #3.

Its so easy to have face reading fun. Simply start reading EARS.

Just start looking at EARS. Face Reading fun can follow.

Ear ye! Ear ye! Ears for face reading fun? Definitely.

As our face reading party continues, you just might fall in love with your ears.

Honestly, when was the last time you took an appreciative look at those ears? A physiognomist’s look?

Your magnificent ears!

Not only is your precious sense of hearing involved. Ears are related to clairaudience, one of so many gifts that you may have for aura reading.

Face Reading Fun Starts Today, YouTubes #1 and #2

Face reading fun -- yes, let's get ourselves some of that.

Face reading fun — yes, let’s get ourselves some of that.

Let’s have some fun, some face reading fun. I’ll share links to two new YouTube videos that were just made live this morning.

Of all the skills in Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES), face reading can be the most lighthearted.

Although it can also be amazingly accurate. Even devastatingly accurate, actually.

Depends on you — which face you are reading — and your purpose for doing that physiognomy research.

My purpose was to throw a little Face Reading Party. Seems like we had absolutely everything we needed to make a short series of iMovies, just for fun:

Paying the Price of Beauty. A Guest Post by LYNETTE

Even natural beauty, without vanity, comes at a price

Even natural beauty, without vanity, comes at a price

I turned 30 recently and for my birthday, I got myself a face reading with Rose. I got more than I bargained for.

A face reading isn’t really about faces, it’s about living. I got some confirming and surprising information about my life and how I’ve chosen to live it.  But I also got some unexpected feedback about my face itself: that I am beautiful, symmetrical, bright eyed, great skin, you name it.

I’ve gotten powerful reactions from people my entire life and because of that, it took someone else to tell me that these reactions are odd:

How President Obama Has Evolved, Face Reading Part 3

Face Reading Secrets®, usually festive.

Face Reading Secrets®, usually festive.

Using when I read faces it’s festive, celebratory even.

But today is Good Friday, a day when you might ask your Catholic and Protestant friends if it’s okay before you blurt out, “Joyous Easter!”

I’ve chosen today to give you an uncharacteristically somber look at changes to President Obama’s face. Today’s article concludes a three-part series of face readings.

Much as I encourage you to read what follows, might I recommend that you in by checking out the first two parts of this series?

And now, once again let’s start exploring ways that President Obama’s face has altered.

Two new photographs will be introduced later in this face reading article, but they aren’t pictures of America’s current president.

Loving Face Reading. A Guest Post by Portia Chan

Face reader Portia in 2010

Face reader Portia, a newlywed in 2010

I love looking at faces. If I had been blessed with the talent, I would have liked to be a portrait artist.

I love all kinds of visual arts, but painting is my favorite.

And portraits, especially ones that show not just physical traits but give insight into a person’s soul, are my favorite.

Looking at Two Familiar Faces

On New Year’s Day, David and I did our selfie with my iPhone.

Face Reader Portia and her husband in 2016

Face Reader Portia and her husband in 2016

Face reader Portia in 2016

Face reader Portia

Looking at it, we noticed that the pose looked familiar.

How President Obama Has Evolved, Face Reading Part 2

Yes, that's me reading a student's face, Rose Rosetree (several hairstyles ago) and Gail Romiti

Yes, that’s me reading a student’s face, Rose Rosetree (several hairstyles ago) and Gail Romiti

Yes, Curious Face Reader, today’s comparison face reading of President Obama continues what was begun yesterday. Might I recommend? Check that out before proceeding:

How President Obama Has Evolved, Face Reading Part 1

Now let’s start exploring ways that President Obama’s face has altered. Again we’ll be using a photo for reference that compares Barack Obama giving his first State of the Union Address in 2009 with his delivering his last State of the Union last January. Do not open this photo link unless you feel prepared to see something quite shocking.