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Back @ Our Future

What do you hope, or fear, everyday life will be like by October 22, 2045?

What do you hope, or fear, everyday life will be like by October 22, 2045?

Yesterday was widely celebrated as “Back to the Future” Day, related to the time travel date in the highly entertaining movie “Back to the Future 2.” The premise was taking a 30-year leap into the future.

If you have the chance to see today’s issue of “USA Today,” the newspaper starts with a gag section for today’s news, based on the premise of “Back to the Future” Day.

In that movie, the characters played by Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd had already traveled to the future and back. For this sequel, they would travel forward again, this time to October 21, 2015. So entertaining, how that date was imagined in a movie released 30 years ago!

Well, Blog-Buddies, today is October 22, 2015. Which is a perfect day for us to think together, back at the topic of our future. Not just whether or not there will be hoverboards.

What will everyday life will be like for you… where you live now… 30 years ahead?

I’ll share my thoughts here. Then you are soooooo warmly invited to comment with yours as well.

We can be afford to be playful, since the “Deeper Perception” that we make practical at this blog involves no psychic development. So we celebrate gaining insight into life as it is now — to benefit from aura healing emotionally and spiritually — to gain meaningful knowledge — all for the sake of improving the present.

Therefore we have no urgent need for accuracy when enjoying this article’s premise, predicting the future.

What are your dreams? Your hopes? Your fears? Just plain thoughts!

Here are mine.