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President Obama — How His Aura Has Changed

Aura readings can tell you a powerful truth.

Aura readings can tell you a powerful truth.

Have you seen this shocking pair of photos? It compares President Obama’s face at his first State of the Union address to how he has looked this January. Thanks to Blog-Buddy ISABELLA C. for flagging this in her Comments 8 and 9 at this blog post.

Why did I wait so long to respond? Because I opted to write a magazine article on the face reading changes. After my Energetic Literacy column is published in the Spring Issue of Pathways Magazine, I will make that comparison face reading available here at my blog.

But guess what? Now that I’ve filed that face reading comparison, I’m raring to go. Are you curious about that other component of a comparison reading? How deeply has our President changed, all the way to his chakra databanks? Let’s find out.

Please, before reading further, note your quick reaction to the comparison photos. If you’re bold, place that reaction into a comment below before reading.

Sleeping a lot lately? Plus an upcoming radio interview including Romney and Obama.


Have you been sleeping a lot lately? Or having huge power/love/light surges right before sleep?

This could be a passing phase related to your living now, due to certain important vibrational shifts on Earth. You participate whether you know it or not, like it or not.

Hint: What’s going on is part of your path to Enlightenment. And how you handle the current vibe upgrade could speed your up or slow you down on that personal path to Enlightenment.