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Messy Psychic Coercion and Woe in a Cord of Attachment to Marie Kondo

Twirling around like a pinwheel? Cutting cords of attachment can help.

Twirling around like a pinwheel? Cutting cords of attachment can help.

Life on this planet of polarities sure includes plenty of variety: Happy and sad, kind and unkind, lovely and hideous, neat and messy.

It’s enough to make a person twirl around like a pinwheel. (And not in a nice way.)

Even a beautiful teacher of tidyness can become the cordee in a pretty nasty cord of attachment. That was shown to me anew when I helped my client Joe to remove his cord of attachment to Marie Kondo.

Tossing Certain Ideas about Tidying Up

Oh no, soooo embarrassed!

Oh no, soooo embarrassed!

No need to blush, British readers. In fact I think all you Blog-Buddies will be able to handle today’s article just fine — and without trembling — when I recount the tossing away of my first reaction to Marie Kondo’s method for Tidying Up.

If you don’t get how WILDLY controversial my language about “tossing” is here ;-), just check out yesterday’s blog post, Comment #7.

And definitely, everyone, you can anticipate an inspiring tale of less is more. Specifically I’m going to share some ideas I discarded, and some perspective I gained, on the perennially important art of tidying up.

The author of “The Lifechanging Magic of Tidying Up” is a brilliant inspiration to neat people everywhere. Personally I learned a lot from all the responses to my blog post about the “revolutionary KonMari Method for simplifying, organizing, and storing.”

What is the main thing I learned? And how might this be very useful to you, as well?

Seven Ways to Protect Yourself Energetically from Icky "Entertainment"

Sometimes choosing to be happy can be pretty simple

Sometimes choosing to be happy can be pretty simple

Subconscious-level STUFF can cause us to consciously do a lot of things that we don’t really want to do. Causing conscious conflict, confusion, and (basically) mess. One of the best ways that Deeper Perception can be made practical is solving everyday problems.

Problems that seem to be strictly about human problems. Or mysterious weaknesses like “I don’t have control over my taste in music.”

What can help better? Learning about your potential for emotional growth and energetic healing through RES (Rosetree Energy Spirituality). Specifically our energy HEALING skill sets for the Age of Awakening.

When you remove energetic causes of a problem and follow up with waking up a stronger soul expression, it’s remarkable how your life can come back to you!

Empath Skills Versus Energy Fascination — How to Solve Problems Caused by Confusing the Two

Mixed-up energy ideas can cause really big problems.

Mixed-up energy ideas can cause really big problems.

Problem solvers, let’s follow up with some specific examples. Because our last blog post was the first of a two-parter.

Part One was Please, Please, Please Do Not Confuse Energy Fascination with Being an Empath This gave you important concepts for protecting yourself, solving problems, and speaking to friends of yours who may be headed in a direction that brings unhappiness.

Today here’s Part Two. Let’s go into specific examples of the understandable confusion that many people have about noticing energies, now that we are living in the Age of Awakening.

Please, Please, Please Do Not Confuse Energy Fascination with Being an Empath

When folks mix up being an empath with having to live with big energy awareness

How to become miserable? Mix up being an empath with having to notice energy all day long.

Today’s blog post is dedicated to RACHEL SEARLE, who recently shared here at the blog for the first time, and in a brave way, at an article about empath skills. Yet her comments were very concerning to me, both as an Empath Coach and as someone who helps people with the other skills of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES).

Living now, we can evolve so fast spiritually. It’s a great opportunity, provided you understand that you are HUMAN. Invest in that human life, complete with common sense, and astral energies will support you as never before in human history.

But if you become overly involved in paying attention to energies, you will (not may, you WILL) lose your balance. Most likely you will develop a spiritual addiction, a kind of addiction to the allure of the astral.

This can be avoided. Or if too late for that, healed.

How Can You Keep to 20 Minutes of Technique Time, Given Your Work?

Adam, a professional acupuncturist, who moves forward just fine by doing 20 Daily Minutes of Technique Time

Adam, a professional acupuncturist, who moves forward just fine by doing 20 Daily Minutes of Technique Time

Yes, Blog-Buddies. The answer is yes. Yes you can.

In today’s article I’ll explain how.  Whatever type of work you do, you can still practice the consciousness lifestyle of 20 Daily Minutes of Technique Time, Tops.

As for the why, this simple lifestyle choice is probably THE single most important way that you can protect yourself energetically.

In brief, limiting your daily Technique Time to 20 minutes per day is super-important, now that we live in the Age of Aquarius.

This simple change to your consciousness lifestyle delivers enormous benefits. You won’t just avoid spiritual addiction.

You can grow faster. And come across as more authentic in all your relationships. Very likely, you will earn more money. More people, normal people (without spiritual addiction) will respect you. And there are many other benefits.

Clearing Confusions about Drug Highs, Energy Healing, and Empath ANYTHING

How reliable is the energy healing of a stoner?

How reliable is the energy healing of a stoner?

Today at the Empath Empowerment Skills Group, RACHELLE asked a really provocative question:

“Has anyone had any experience or heard of xtacy opening up the Heart Chakra and revealing empathic gifts?”

Her question is relevant to anyone interested in deeper perception, energy healing, and drugs. Not just those of us who are empaths.

Here’s my perspective, based in energetic literacy — reading auras with clarity, and in detail. Feel free to share your responses below. And if you find today’s article helpful, please share it with people you know who might be interested.

So many beautiful spiritual seekers are getting themselves confused. That doesn’t have to be.

Let’s clean up some really major confusions that can lead to far worse problems over time….

What does it mean, energetically, to get high on a drug like “Ecstasy”?

Tips for Working with Spirit Guides and Angels


Do you long for support from an angel or spirit guide?

Do you long for support from an angel or spirit guide?

Blog-Buddy CLAUDIA asked a great question today. Originally she placed this at the end of a blog post from 2013, What is channeling?.

This is such a hot topic today. I want to make sure her excellent question doesn’t get buried as Comment 26, way back in our archives. So let’s start a practical new conversation, open to all you Blog-Buddies. Even you lurkers!

As we get started, for clarity. minor edits to the original question are added.

When a responsible, sophisticated spiritual seeker wants to work with her spirit guides

CLAUDIA asked:

I have a question about connecting and working to co-create with one’s personal guides and celestial team.

Cult mind control. A guest post by Spiritual Cinderella


Memo to cult: Buh-bye

Memo to cult: Buh-bye

Exiting a cult — now that’s an important way to use deeper perception. We’ve already had several articles on this topic. Now here’s a guest post from Blog-Buddy SPIRITUAL CINDERELLA. Note the references to spiritual addiction, being Enlightened, and The Romance of The Astral.

SPIRITUAL CINDERELLA has learned a lot the hard way. Here’s her story.

Spiritual addiction galore

I want to share that I was in a spiritual training and healing program from 2011 – 2014.

This training program teaches and strongly encourages spiritual addiction.  It teaches everyone to open up spiritually and to have psychic skills. They believe that the more enlightened a person, the greater the psychic skills the person will have.

Protecting your privacy, and sense of self, online

What to do when you crave privacy online

What to do when you crave privacy online

Just a couple days into hosting my Empath Empowerment Skills  group on Facebook, and a highly charged question has come up about the desire to maintain privacy.

Because sometimes safety in numbers will reassure. Yet online, what happens to your feeling of safety while with numerous others?

And how about the desire to be anonymous? Or the perfectly understandable need to have a variety of “Privacy Settings” online?

Privacy you can trust. And not all of us trust Facebook to honor our privacy no matter what the chosen privacy settings:

At this blog, though, it’s easy to keep your identity totally private