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Ghost Story. Un-Scary But Maybe Thought-Provoking

Ghost Story

Ghost Story with a happy ending. Just in time for Halloween.

Ghost Story? Today’s wacky tale of ghosts took place big, spooky building quite kindred to Hogwarts…. Why not tell that tale, as we celebrate Halloween today? A ghost story with an unlikely, upbeat message.

Healer, Cheated. Spiritual Discernment Energy Reading™

Healer, Cheated

Healer, Cheated. Lean what happened energetically to an open-hearted healer, deceived.

Healer, Cheated — for shame! Today’s post may reveal the worst part of the deception we’ve been exploring. An initiation and an attunement, both under false pretences.

Might I suggest? Check out these two articles before continuing here:  Initiation, Mislabeled and Liar, Liar Attunements. Part 2 of 3 .

These showed you two different ways that Gladys was deceived by her teachers. Could be, our third in this series… Is the biggest shocker of all. And yet…

Healer, Cheated. Doesn’t Mean Healer, Defeated.

Liar, Liar Attunements. Part 2 of 3

Liar, Liar Attunements

Liar, Liar Attunements. As in “Liar, liar, pants on fire.”

Liar, Liar Attunements. Did you know they were happening, along with deceptive initiations and energetic transmissions? Learn more to protect yourself.

Initiation, Mislabeled described the energetic impact of what? “A little ceremony” that was, in fact, an initiation.

You were given TWO recordings from samples of Spiritual Discernment Energy Reading™. These I facilitated for Gladys. Generously, she agreed to share them with our Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) community.

What can you expect to learn from the second article in this series? The deception sometimes grows worse after initiation.

Initiation, Mislabeled. Spiritual Path Consults™, a Teaching Tale

Initiation, Mislabeled

Initiation, Mislabeled. You may be shocked to hear today’s sound recording.

Initiation, Mislabeled? Well, yes.

Sadly, today it is common for spiritual teachers and healers to offer an initiation that is mislabeled. “A little ceremony” that starts to rewire the spiritual seeker’s aura. And in a way that person would not have agreed to, if presented with the truth.

So today’s article aims to help you to protect yourself.

Fact is, consumer smarts in The Age of Awakening begin with good energetic literacy. Aura reading skills show you what’s what.

Atheist no longer, personal development through aura healing. A Guest Post by LUCY

Having Fun on Your Path of Personal Development

Having Fun on Your Path of Personal Development

Blog-Buddies, recently we have had some lively discussion about personal path to Enlightenment, about the difference between awakening and Enlightenment, and about questioning the existence of God.

This latest guest post comes from LUCY, who has begun submitting comments here as “Blessed L-K.” Here she shares her story of spiritual awakening, inspired by another guest post here at “Deeper Perception Made Practical.”

What is really notable here, beyond the sweetness of one intrepid spiritual seeker’s journey?

Attention, observers of history! This is the first guest post ever at this blog to document a path of development many are taking:

  • Starting with Reiki or another form of energy medicine
  • Passing through New Age practices, like those for gratitude, protection, or seeking synchronicity
  • Perhaps dipping into spiritual addiction (although this one is not mentioned in LUCY’s article)
  • And then arriving at Energy Spirituality, personal empowerment, and human-based spirituality

LUCY’s words follow, with minor edits and headings and links from this blog monitor. Go, LUCY!

Surviving Convent School on My Personal Path of Development

Atheism, a guest post by PRIMMIE, Now an Ex-Atheist reminds me of how I used to think of myself as an atheist, too, when I was younger. Despite my going to a convent school for four years of secondary school education!

  • I resisted being converted to a Christian every morning while singing the day’s hymn.
  • I resisted putting my hands together to pray to “God.”

More Ghosts in The Age of Awakening? Part Two.


Ghosts in the Age of Awakening.

Ghosts? Two wacky stories about ghosts in The Age of Awakening. With an upbeat message since you can learn effective skills for protecting yourself.

Recently we completed a short but practical survey about ghosts, a.k.a. Stuck spirits, astral entities, astral attachments.

The recommendation I gave you was to choose ways to do no more than 20 minutes of Technique Time, tops, for each day. By doing that, you reduce the risk of slipping into either Spiritual Addiction or Spiritual Shutdown. Today I will explain more about how this lifestyle choice can helps to protect you from ghosts.

Empath Coaching at the College of Psychic Studies in London

Blog-Buddies, sending you’all a big wave as I leave for a “fortnight” in England.

What fun, to use such language. Of course, I might ask a living British person, while there, if anyone there ever uses the word “fortnight” any more. 😉

Rose Rosetree, not yet at The College of Psychic Studies

Preparing to leave the comforts of this dear place where I live, I’m freshly aware of my deep affection for this online community, my clients and students so far. I am thrilled to be reconnecting with people on the wavelength of Energy Spirituality and Energetic Literacy. And I have that “New voyager” anticipation about the new folks I’ll be able to help.

London Workshops


It’s newly online.

So if you’re in London, or have like-minded friends in London, details are now available at The College of Psychic Studies for the workshops I’ll offer in Europe this year:

Quiz Answers, Spiritual Cleansing and Protection


What’s more fun for Halloween than two snowmen or six pumpkins? Ah, wisdom!

Educate yourself about psychic coercion, astral entities, negative thought forms, and healing extra-terrestrial entities. You’ll improve your quality of life. Truth is, whether you know about these astral-level problems or not, they are affecting you right now…

The Latest News of Gray Slime



So, how are you doing these days? And the people in your life, how are they doing?

Today’s topic is gray slime — an ongoing theme you can search in previous posts. Current observations have been inspired by some of my clients for sessions of RES Energy HEALING, Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®, and RES Energy READING. But this gray slime report also come from reading The Washington Post and paying attention to life as it unfolds around me.