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Gray Slime, Energy Hypochondria, and Victimhood


“Gray slime” is, of course, my term for the creeping fears of humanity. We live in interesting times. These are times that offer us fabulous opportunities for spiritual evolution.

  • Dealing with problems, will you choose to summon your human common sense, then evaluate situations realistically? Will you do your human part to solve the problems?
  • As for your spiritual life, and your goals as a world server, are you doing your comfortable best in that department as well?

Apology, Victims, Responsibility, Kindness


Above all, the purpose of this blog is education. Deeper Perception techniques, energetic literacy of all kinds, support self-authority for each of us. Quite recently this self-authority has been tested around issues of what constitutes an apology.

When is it appropriate to apologize?

How gracious does one need to be?

Who is responsible when somebody feels insulted or names you as the big, monstrous “insulter”?

Empath Merge on Liz Taylor and Richard Burton, Guest Post by Elaine

Best Celebrity Aura Readings


“Celebritology” is what they call it in The Washington Post. Here our discussion of our famous folk is something other than gossip or a new venue to compare designer dresses.

“Energetic Literacy” is what we call it here at this blog, using techniques like Skilled Empath Merges, Aura Reading from Regular Photos, etc.

Who Is an Empath? Our Online Community’s Empath Life List.

Teaching about Empath Empowerment, at this post and elsewhere, is a sacred process that may take you a while to understand. Stay with it for results that are very real.

Teaching Empath Empowerment®, I’m a blur of motion. Maybe this post’s Empath Life List can help to empower you.

Whew, empaths around the world are finally beginning to know they are empaths. Let the process of Empath Empowerment® accelerate worldwide! In this post I’ll kick off an Empath Life List, similar to my Enlightenment Life List.

When I published the first book for empaths in English, even I didn’t use that word consistently. The title was Empowered by Empathy! (Note the absence of the word “empath.”)

The updated new title is The Empowered Empath: Owning, Embracing and Managing Your Special Gifts. That’s more like it!

“Empath” Is for Life

Today, many people are wondering if they are empaths. That makes sense because my research has shown that 1 in 20 people on earth now have been born as an empath, naturally talented for life.

Notice this important point, “Naturally talented” does not mean “Naturally skilled.” Just the opposite.

Similarly, curiosity about aura reading doesn’t mean you have developed skills of energetic literacy… although anyone could.

Empaths, What You Don’t Know Could Hurt You

Stalker Cords of Attachment, Neither Vampire nor Psychic Attack


Lately we have been discussing popular fears of psychic attack, energy vampires, and psychic vampires. We’ve been discussing cords of attachment, too. (Our last blog post dealt with an article meant to warn people of a big “vampiring” danger that I consider pretty much non-existent.)

This morning, I figured, “Why not add one more hot topic, stalkers?”

Energetic Vampiring and Protection with Cutting Cords


Gladys wrote to me scared.

“I know that you are very busy and that you must receive a lot of emails. If/when you get a chance, please let me know what you think of this article re: energetic cords.

“Is energetic vampiring with cords possible? Is it cause for concern? How do you (really) know if a anyone is ethical?”

The Latest News of Gray Slime



So, how are you doing these days? And the people in your life, how are they doing?

Today’s topic is gray slime — an ongoing theme you can search in previous posts. Current observations have been inspired by some of my clients for sessions of Energy Spirituality Energy HEALING, Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®, and Energy Spirituality Energy READINGBut this gray slime report also come from reading The Washington Post and paying attention to life as it unfolds around me. 

Sweet Victimhood and Energy Hypochondria


Continuing our series about the tricky pleasures of victimhood, let’s consider a related problem. I call it “Energy Hypochondria.”

Energy Hypochondria means worrying about every twinge of energy, akin to the way a hypochondriac could fret over any proprioceptive experience (i.e., the very subjective, internal feedback system each person has to register information about aches, pains, etc.).

Sweet Victimhood


Recently a Blog-Buddy raised some great questions about victimhood. CivicMinded has inspired today’s post and the rest of this series to follow. Because “Sweet Victimhood” is a very rich topic.

As synchronicity would have it, themes on this very topic have already come up in some of my sessions of Energy Spirituality HEALING as I’m here in Japan, right from my first working day of Teaching Trip #12.

Solve relationship problems with Energetic Literacy (Part 2)


Quick! Quick as you can say “Bunny.”

Quick! Here’s a short multiple choice quiz on the topic of improving your relationships:

Your degree of comfort in your closest relationships right now depends most on which one of these?