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The New, Improved SPIRITUALLY SPARKLING Workshop

Announcing the new "Spiritually Sparkling Workshop." Consider yourself invited.

The new “Spiritually Sparkling Workshop” won’t have fairy lights. What will it have?

Announcing “The Spiritually Sparkling Workshop“! Formerly known as the “Spiritual Cleansing and Protection Workshop.” It’s an upgrade, actually. Like an iPhone 7 Plus, launched this summer. How does that compare with a basic Motorola hand-held mobile phone? Made in 1973.

This post gives you the scoop on my final workshop for 2016. Coming this weekend, October 8-9. Here’s what it’s all about…

The Spiritually Sparkling Workshop

4 Easy-to-Learn, Energy Cleaning Skills (& Which to Use When…)

Lose the Ener-Junk and Hasten Spiritual Awakening

When the Chaos Stopped Being So Loud, One Empath's Story. A Guest Post by RES Apprentice LEO WATTS

Leo Watts, Apprentice at Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES)

Leo Watts, Apprentice at Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES)

I stumbled upon Rose’s blog during a rough patch in my life around five years ago. Everything I read here seemed to make a lot of sense, especially Rose’s coaching related to being an empath. It made sense… which is a lot more than I can say for a lot of the other things I was reading on the web at that time.

How RES Changed My Life, A Guest Post by HOWARD

Howard, moving forward joyfully now along his path

Howard (or someone who looks like him) moving forward joyfully along his path

How RES Changed My Life. Today’s guest post by Howard includes Name Alignment® Research, Empath Empowerment®, and other specialties of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES).

The purpose of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) is to help people. When asked about my work, I say this:

“I help people to grow with energy READING skills and energy HEALING skills that are especially effective for living now.”

But that still can sound abstract. Even theoretical.

Cut Cords of Attachment with a Clearer Understanding

What weird kind of energy dynamics can be found in a cord of attachment?

What weird kind of energy dynamics can be found in a cord of attachment?

Yesterday’s post, Messy Psychic Coercion and Woe in a Cord of Attachment to Marie Kondo, gave rise to this pair of questions about cutting cords of attachment:

“If most of the cord content came from Joe’s side, doesn’t it mean there was another source in him that was feeding the cord?

“Or was this all a result of psychic coercion?”

Such a great learning opportunity — let’s have at it!

Not just for random curiosity but because many of you Blog-Buddies are cutting cords of attachment for self-healing, maybe as often as one per week.

Earlier articles have helped you to understand how you can definitely gain this skill set for yourself, while you keep the self-healing manageable.

Psychic Coercion. Top 10 Articles.

Protect yourself from psychic coercion with help from Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES).

Protect yourself from psychic coercion with these Top 10 articles.

Are you are new to learning about psychic coercion? If you play it smart, you can save yourself worries… and energetic problems. This blog post aims to help you protect yourself by supplying a shiny new set of Top 10 articles.

Protecting yourself starts with knowing what psychic coercion actually is.

The Best SELF-HEALING Workshop in RES, this September Only

A workshop for more happiness

A workshop for more happiness

This year’s Spiritual Cleansing and Protection Workshop could be called the “Big STUFF Removal Workshop.”

By any name, it’s a really important resource for energy healing in this Age of Awakening.

I’d have to call it my single most important workshop for self-healing. Ironically this one doesn’t usually come to mind if you’re thinking of taking a workshop in Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES).

But if you’re interested in self-healing, it ought to be the first one you think of.

Can you guess why?

Seven Reasons Why SKILLED Empaths Need Not Fear Narcissists

Don't let the word "Narcissist" confuse you. Nor the word "Empath."

Don’t let the word “Narcissist” confuse you. Nor the word “Empath.”

A recent conversation really opened my eyes to how much some unskilled empaths have suffered. My Highly, Highly Sensitive fellow empaths, not-yet-skilled… ouch!

This conversation took place on Facebook at the Empath Empowerment® Skills Group. Based on that, I would like to share some ideas related to handling difficult people, whether narcissists or not.

First a few definitions will be necessary, so it’s clear that we mean the same things when using certain terms.

  • An empath is someone with a gift for directly experiencing what it is like to be other people. Empaths are not necessarily people who feel other people’s feelings.
  • Unskilled empaths suffer because, unless the empath actively gains skills to turn the empath gift(s) OFF, there will be suffering, confusion, and loads of other relationship problems. It can be hard to use common sense about whether a relationship is helpful for you or not.
  • Energetically, the kind of problem empaths get is called “Imported STUFF.” In the field of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES), there are 14 other kinds of STUFF, not just what causes empaths to suffer.
  • Imported STUFF complicates ALL of an empath’s relationships, whether we know about this subconscious-level problem or not, also whether we consciously know that we are empaths or not.

Compassion Is Definitely Needed

Compassion needs to be part of the conversation because suffering hurts. Whatever the cause of that distress, whichever personalities are involved, sometimes relationships are really, really hard here at Earth School.

Psychic Coercion Removal, a guest post from SUZ

Good things happen when you learn to use your sacred Power of Command

Good things happen when you learn to use your sacred Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection

When I teach skills for self-healing, I don’t usually learn the stories. Yet results are the whole point of the many different techniques in Rosetree Energy Spirituality. The  idea is to remove STUFF that impacts your subconscious mind and aura, then add PUT-IN that helps you express your soul better. Then you move forward with more joy, more yourself than ever. Personal growth is so much easier without all that energetic clutter.

Originally the following was addressed to me as an email. With permission, I am sharing this as a guest post by SUZ. Her words, my links and headings. Definitely my thanks to her for this teaching tale.

It’s me, Suz, from the blog. I’ve been trying to figure out how to share this amazing (to me) event. It has to do with some very uncomfortable psychic coercion and releasing it using your instruction in “Use Your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection.”

Let me preface and say that I should have learned something like this in the church long ago. (Like, everything in your book!) The church in general does a very poor job of teaching its people how to protect themselves. But that’s an aside from this story.

What Happened, Putting It as Nicely as Possible

My Qigong instructor of three years did some extensive energy healing work on one of my physical issues, with amazing results. (That’s a big story in itself, but not for now.)

He also read through my aura and decided that energetically, I was his peer and was already a healer, and he was going to teach me his branch of knowledge. (!!!)

After some months we reached a point where he was suggesting some mutual energy work concerning balancing yin and yang. Because it was “something I needed.”

Just a bit close and deep.

Buh-Bye, Fears about Psychic Coercion. Let's Get Skills.

You don't need superpowers to vanquish psychic coercion

You don’t need Spiderman superpowers to vanquish psychic coercion

Energy healing skills — you’ve come to the right place for that today! Because this seven-part series about psychic coercion concludes here. It has been all about helping you to gain important skills for self-healing.

Understandably, many of you Blog-Buddies have been sidetracked in the past. You didn’t understand what psychic coercion really is.

Learning my healing technique for psychic coercion is simple. It’s available to you so easily from the paperback or eBook about Use Your Power of Command for Spiritual Cleansing and Protection.” Really, really easy to learn.

Yet this blog can give you something I didn’t have time to do in a book. (Which is already jam-packed with healing techniques, dedicated skill sets.) Here you can learn more about the practical bits. That’s essential for developing skills, knowing when to use which healing technique, when to stop worrying unnecessarily, etc.

Because, really, do any of you think that worrying is a skill? 😉

Can Other People's Cults Hurt You? More about Psychic Coercion.

Sleepwalking in a cult -- when somebody does that, can it hurt YOU energetically?

Sleepwalking in a cult — when somebody does that, can it hurt YOU energetically?

Cult mind control is such an ugly topic. And often a taboo topic. Have you noticed?

Many of the people you know may be cult sleepwalkers. Ironically these neighbors, family members, work associates would be shocked, shocked! at the very idea that they might be considered cult followers. Yet Fundamentalists and evangelicals are often in cults. Spiritual seekers, idealists of all kinds, can move into cults.

I have helped clients to fully exit meditation cults, New Age cults, Christian cults, Buddhist cults, Tapping cults, other cults associated with healing, and more.

This complements work done in Energy Spirituality to help clients move out of spiritual addiction (and to avoid the virusey problems some are having with “extreme spiritual addiction”).

Since we have been considering psychic coercion, it only seems fair to address this concern of cult activity possibly hurting other people energetically. Address this concern in plain English. Not whispering or hinting about it.

What if you just stumbled upon today’s blog post and don’t know what on earth I mean by “Psychic coercion”?  If you’re not sure sure, or you wish to learn more about this series of articles, just skip down to the end of today’s article. You might want to take the Psychic Coercion Quiz before reading further in today’s blog post.

Today, at the end of the post, I’ll also include a section with more information about exiting cults from the perspective of Rosetree Energy Spirituality.

Now let’s continue responses to our recent Psychic Coercion Quiz.

Psychic Coercion Quiz Question 9. When Cult Members Try to Control You