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Quantum Entanglement. A Guest Post by AMANDA

Quantum entanglement? Whaaaaaa?

Quantum entanglement? Whaaaaaa?

One of the chapters in “THE NEW STRONG” provides a vibrational background on what we’re taught as children in order to play the game of Earth School. Objects are solid. Physical reality matters. We get a very consistent, thorough programming that helps shape an adult world view.

Blog-Buddy AMANDA understands the physics of “physical reality” at a more sophisticated level than I do, and made a small reference in a blog comment to quantum mechanics.

“Please explain,” I emailed her. Graciously,she has done just that,  helpful for all of us with any appetite whatsoever for theoretical physics.

Thanks, AMANDA.

Quantum What?

Quantum entanglement is what Einstein famously called “spooky action at a distance.”